Friday, January 08, 2016

Suspicious lack of praxis

The fracking and a good chunk of the oil sands hydrocarbons have been removed from the international market, yet the price of oil went down.  The issue is clearly demand, and not supply, and the talk about the Saudis having control over the oil price is simply a lie.

Planners of false flag terrorist attacks have two goals:
  1. create enough of an atrocity to allow for political calls for more wars, in this case, of course, and as always, Wars For The Jews; and
  2. to not get caught.
What they clearly don't care about is civilian casualties.  Creating a fake atrocity is absurd when it is so easy to have a few commandos create a real one, and any fakery would increase the likelihood of being caught.  All these morons who claim these events didn't occur and were staged by actors are just following intelligence agency scripts written to disparage those who identify the attacks as false flags.  I have no doubt whatsoever about this.  The only way to stop false flags, and thus terrorism, is to identify them and punish those responsible for creating them.

""The Jihadists Will Attack Europe": Leaked Phone Call Shows Gaddafi Warned Tony Blair Of Terror Attacks"  "Gaddafi’s Warnings to Blair Have Been Proven by Today's Attack on Libyan Police Training Centre"

"FBI Turns 18-Year-Old With An IQ Of 51 Into A Terrorist; Dumps Case Into Laps Of Local Prosecutors"  The FBI is starting to smell its own stench.

"Airbnb lets you vacation in illegal West Bank settlements"

"How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"  "The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part II)"

"AGAINST CHOMSKY by Denis Rancourt"  Suspicious lack of praxis.

"Reality Peeks Through in Ukraine"

Tweet (Eliot Higgins) (!; but when you're right, you're right - I assume this is sponsored by German big industry which wants the immigrant flow to continue and is trying to block the right-wing anti-refugee propaganda):
"Footage claiming to be the Cologne sex attacks is actually from Tahir Square …"
Tweet (Huey Newton):
"Why are white people scared about becoming a minority in the 2040's? Are minorities treated badly in America or something?"
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