Friday, January 15, 2016

The unspeakable

"German Economic News Interviews Seymour Hersh on Obama’s Syria Policy"  The comments answer the question immediately.  I don't blame Hersh - the truth is prohibited.

"Hagel: ‘Assad Was Never Our Enemy’"

"Not-Tweetworthy: Un Selectively Tweeting, Ignores Foua, Kafarya, Nubl, Zahara"  The UN jumps on the current propaganda bandwagon.

"2015 in Review"  About as good as you can do without mentioning the unspeakable.

"Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC’s Surprising $3.8 Million Business Relationship"

"Turkey detains 14 academics accused of signing 'peace declaration': local media"  "Alan Rickman’s Gaza play censored by theater staging David Bowie’s “Lazarus”"

It is funny how the most reductivist science always proves that hate is inevitable:
"Why Pregnancy Makes Women Xenophobic".

"US Navy boat commander re-set his nav GPS wrong."  But wouldn't they be extra doubly careful around Iranian waters?  This still looks like a neocon stunt to embarrass Obama and allow the Jew-owned Republicans to bring up Iran in commenting on Obama's speech.  Comment by Bobo:
"Granted the Navy has had a number of bloopers through the years and this may be one, but it smells. Supposedly these two boats were running from Kuwait to Bahrain or a few hundred miles down the beach. The "Petty Officer" would have had to have presented his superior a voyage plan showing the contemplated path indicating each waypoint and course change realizing any deviation required approval or at least concurrence. That plan would have been distributed to to all appropriate sections especially the responsible authority that would be tracking (real time) those vessels. 
Now Farsi Island is 50 miles or so off KSA and another 50 or so miles off Iran smack in the middle of the Persian Gulf. These two boats were to meet up with a larger vessel to re-fuel 15 miles due west of Farsi Island. 50 foot aluminum cans are notorious for not steering in a straight line but do get you from point A to B with not too much problems in a timely fashion. Generally the crew of these vessels are experienced individuals and not the 18 to 25 year olds normally seen on Naval Vessels. Looking at the crew fom Iranian photos lets you make that assumption. They represented us well and recognized their navigational error.
Whatever idiot set this plan up will be relieved of his command as this was a lot more than a "Petty Officer"."
Comment by Robert G. Lembke (the link is iffy but you'll find it if you click on the comment section):
"I support the arguments of the article. I want to observe that the mechanical details of the incident are almost beyond belief.
The two riverine command vessels were cruising from Kuwait to Bahrain, and a direct course would go down the Saudi coast. These vessels and their hull design were not designed for open water operations and rougher conditions. Each craft had satellite navigation gear, and one or probably multiple radios, and a limited cruising range, requiring a refueling at sea. Seems that the crafts’ deviation was only known by the Navy when they did not arrive at the rendezvous with the refueling vessel.
How would two craft, sailing towards Bahrain with the Saudi coast off to your right, then veer off to the left and cruise for hours away out of sight of the coast? You do not need operating navigational gear, only common sense, and perhaps a map. Multiple failures of the gear beggars belief. The major Revolutionary Guards base on Farsi might have 100 “fast boats”, with speeds of 40 to 63 knots.
To me the most likely explanation would be a deliberate act, perhaps with a political motive.
Interesting contrast to the Syrian incident, where a Russian Sukhoi-24M was shot down in Syrian airspace after venturing into Turkish airspace for 17 seconds; or the incident where Israeli forces attacked a totally unarmed Turkish vessel about 90 miles off Gaza, well outside the self-proclaimed exclusion zone of 60 miles, killing 9 Turks and a Turkish-American, while captured Israeli commandos were protected from harm during the incident.
(Editor: The last paragraph might well be left off.)"
"Caught With Our Pants Down in the Gulf"
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