Monday, January 04, 2016

Toady deference

"Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran (by CP)"  "Saudi Arabia's Growing Body Count"  "Saudi execution aimed at provoking regional bloodbath"  The Saudi royals seem to have decided that keeping their heads involves a quick change of the subject - their mercenaries are losing in Yemen and that war is drifting into Saudi Arabia itself, and their stooges are losing in Syria and Iraq, and the secret world recession means that they can do nothing about the oil price and they are running out of money to bribe their subjects - by fostering Sunni-Shi'ite antagonism.

"Iranians Don’t Trust Us — Outrageous!"  "Hyping More Fears about Iran"

"Banking sanctions on Iran's petrochemical exports nulled"  "Danish FM to Visit Iran Monday"

"Syria ­- A Light to the World"

"Guess Who Railed Against : ‘State Terror Against Kurds’ in ‘Kurdistan’"  Before he and his family made money being stupid, he was smart.

"An American Ally of Necessity" by Max 'Jack' Boot.  Always find out what he thinks, and immediately do the opposite.

"Stuck in the Middle East":
"Regrettably, however, Obama has seemed to lack the fortitude to stick to his strategic guns. His successor, whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or one of the crop of Republicans seeking the GOP nomination, will almost certainly be more hawkish. By not liquidating these costly and unwinnable conflicts during his term, Obama has made it likely that the next president will plunge the U.S. back into the region’s geopolitical morass, repeating the Bush administration’s mistakes in the name of “doing something” about the Islamic State."

"The Anglo Connection: Why Do So Many Jewish Terrorists Come From the English-speaking World?"  Wrong question.  The right question is why so many of them are Khazars, i.e., not real Jews hiding that fact behind a cult.

Tweet (Chaser Madar):
"U.S. nationalism: an odd beast, whose proudest expression is toady deference to dependent client states like Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt."
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