Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Too clever by half

"Israel vs Iran: Israel Loses, *Big* Time":
"This is now the 2nd time that Obama has agreed to basically exchange something against nothing: the first time around, Obama had to cancel a US attack against Syria in exchange for the (costly) destruction of utterly useless Syrian chemical weapons, and now Obama is lifting sanctions in exchange for the monitoring of a non-existent Iranian military nuclear program. The Israelis fully understand that, and it is no wonder that they hate Obama with a passion."
"How Iran Got What It Wanted From the Nuclear Deal " Aaron David Miller, speaking for World Jewry, makes this very whine, more than a bit ironic as it is World Jewry's propagandists who created the mythical nuclear program in the first place.  If only Saddam had been able to find a way to negotiate the abandonment of his non-existent weapons of mass destruction, an earlier set of Jew-warmongering lies (Judy Miller et al), the Middle East would be a lot saner and safer place right now, and the United States wouldn't be so deeply wrecked..  Note how the players - Russian, Syrian and Iranian diplomats - have learned the Zen moves to parry the wall of Jew lies.  For one thing, they have learned that it is hopeless and self-defeating to attempt to counter the warmongering lies spread by the Jew-controlled media (and note that anybody who doesn't fixate on the vital importance that the media is Jew-controlled is lying to you).

On the other hand:  "Israel’s ‘Successful’ Defeat on Iran"  Excellent background on Jewish machinations:
"Iran was not an Israeli issue in Washington back in the 1980s, despite the hostile rhetoric of Iran’s then-ruler Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. On the contrary, Israel spent significant diplomatic capital in Washington at the time trying to convince the Reagan administration to reach out to Tehran and come to terms with Iran’s theocratic regime.
What later turned into the Iran-Contra scandal is just one of the many initiatives Israel took at the time to get Washington and Tehran back on talking terms. Back then, Israel was primarily concerned with the conventional military capabilities of hostile Arab states and viewed Iran as a potential ally and a balancer against the Arab powers.
Similarly, Washington’s pro-Israel organizations, led by AIPAC, were focused on countering the Palestinians and hostile Arab states. Iran wasn’t anywhere near their radar.
As the Oslo process transformed Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat from a terrorist enemy to a peace partner, Israel’s attitude towards Iran began to shift dramatically. To sell the deal domestically, then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin felt that another threat needed to be looming in the horizon. Rabin asked rhetorically what the real threat to Israel was: the weak Palestinians or the rising Iranians?
Moreover, in the new geopolitical reality of the region after the fall of the Soviet Union and the defeat of Iraq in the Persian Gulf War, the common threats that had provided the basis for Israel’s alliance with Iran in the era of the Shah, and Israel’s support for U.S.-Iran dialogue in the 1980s, were now gone. A U.S.-Iran rapprochement under these circumstances would come at the expense of Israel’s interest rather than enhancing Israel’s regional position.
“There was a feeling in Israel that because of the end of the Cold War, relations with the U.S. were cooling and we needed some new glue for the alliance. And the new glue … was radical Islam. And Iran was radical Islam,” Israeli analyst Efraim Inbar told me in October 2004.
A massive campaign was launched to depict Iran as “the greatest threat [to peace] and greatest problem in the Middle East.” Iran and its Shia ideology were the source of Islamic fundamentalism and an irredeemable threat, Israel argued.
This focus on Iran was a complete 180-degree turn by Israel, which only a few years earlier had pressed Washington to talk to Iran, to sell arms to Iran and to ignore Iran’s anti-Israel rhetoric."
We seem to be in an era where future honest historians - any honest historians now are rightly too terrified to speak - will describe World Jewry as having absolute power over the west, but exercising that power in a way that is too clever by half, actually damaging their own supremacist interests in a flight of self-congratulatory scheming.  Always remember that a great deal of the space for peace was created by infighting amongst the Jewish billionaire warmongers.

"A Huge Propaganda Coup for the Iranians–Were Sailors Ordered Not to Fight Back?"  The commentators rip this ripe piece of dung to shreds.

Coupled with the horror of what she actually did, this is a huge story, and typical of Hil the monster:  "Secretary of State Clinton Disobeyed President Obama"  Original story.  Note that Zeuss, without evidence, puts equal blame on Barry, which makes his title untrue.

""Syria regime prepares for ‘biggest military operation’ of war in Aleppo" Rudaw" And its comments.  Note the complicated Turkish ethnic cleansing plan for the buffer zone.
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