Monday, January 18, 2016

Where's Zi-o?

"Implementation Day in Iran: Nuclear Diplomacy Leads to Prisoner Releases and Sanctions Relief"  Dur entirely to the vile political influence of the You Know Whos, we don't get to see many days like this, and it should be celebrated.

"Libya/Syria – Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics" They always understate the unimaginably massive costs imposed by the parasites.

"Fox’s John Bolton Complains Americans Freed From Iran Is ‘Diplomatic Debacle' For The US"  Do you thing Bolton and his ilk get an annual shekel retainer, or are they paid so many shekels per word?

"Hillary Clinton: Israel First" Lump sums for Hil.  Not a conspiracy as 'the pattern' is a matter of public record.

What happens when you vote stupidly in Argentina?:  "Argentine president receives Nisman daughters on anniversary of his death". And so Teh Stupid begins.

Iraq may be more difficult as the Sunni population had and lost power, and longs for the return to power a simulacrum of which ISIS provides, but the Syrian de-terrorization may be easier and quicker than anticipated:  ""Syrian endgame could begin with Aleppo" al-monitor".

"Peak Desperation: Clinton Campaign Deploys Wall Street 'Strategist' To Attack Bernie Sanders"  Naturally, Hil uses a 0.01% Wall Street PR firm of professional liars to attempt to counter claims she is too close to and bought by Wall Street.

"Rumors on Mark-to-Mark Accounting and Loan Loss Provisions: What's the Real Story?"  They prepare for a bubble and crash - to be bailed out by the 99%, natch - by allowing the lenders to officially decouple the status of their loans from reality.

Where's Zi-o?:  "US, Iran to ‘deepen’ coordination in search for Jewish American"

"Turkey: Bombing Its Way to a Better Narrative"  ISIS is the brand name - and it should be ranked with Apple and Coca-Cola as a world leader in branding - for American-controlled international terrorism.  It is a local franchise operation, with each franchise sharing the brand.

"Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe" It is not a normal refugee situation when the refugees are being released, in a controlled fashion, by Turkish authorities.  There is an irony, I'm sure not lost on the Turks, that if Turkey were in the EU this couldn't happen.  There is lots of fault to go around, starting with appalling support by Europe for the Wars For The Jews which are the root cause of the problem, but the refugees aren't responsible for it.

I can remember when The Star wasn't a steaming pile of shit:  "Canada’s Largest Newspaper Opens 2016 With a Biased Salvo Against Russia"

"Vancouver mayor apologizes to 3 people deemed ‘suspicious’ in mall photos":
"The three men are visiting Vancouver from the United Kingdom so Sharaz’s friend and 14-year-old son can receive specialized treatment for their visual disabilities. The two men take photos and video throughout the day so they can zoom in later to see the sights more clearly."

"All Hollowed Out" "Drug Overdoses Propel Rise in Mortality Rates of Young Whites" Continuing the study of that mysterious and ill-understood obscure group that comprises most of the American population.
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