Sunday, February 21, 2016

A prayer for the government

"Tyrannical Elites Criminalize Opposition to Jewish Interests":
 "Jewish political influence thrives in tyranny, when the masses are dispossessed of freedoms. Tellingly in this regard, in Orthodox Judaism the prayer Hanotayn Teshu-ah is not said for the nation or the people of the country in which the Jews have settled, but rather for the monarch or government. Gordon Freeman explains that “In fact, a prayer for the government is a feature of every type of prayer book of every land of the Jewish diaspora irrespective of the specific religious movement of the community.”[1] This stance is ancient. The rabbinic commentary, Pirke Avot, tells Jews to “pray for the welfare of the government, because were it not for the fear it inspires, every man would swallow his neighbor alive.” What is really intended and understood by this injunction is that were it not for the fear inspired by the government, the goyim would swallow their Jewish neighbors alive. The favored Jewish position is thus to support a strong, feared, government which is capable of harnessing the resentments, real or imagined, of the gentile masses. This is most commonly achieved by stripping the citizenry of their right to bear arms, and a hard clamp down on their ability to organize through speech or assembly."
It is striking how quickly this has developed on so many fronts.  Their usual low-level undeclared war on all of us has been officially declared.

"Did Trump Finally Move Us Past Sept. 11?"  It is clear that Trump was employing code for 'The Jews did it', something I don't personally believe, but easily understood by his audience.  Bush is correctly regarded as their tool, and now Jeb! is out of the race.  The average American may not be able to put all the pieces together, but there is an understanding that the Wars For The Jews are the actual cause of why their lives are falling apart.

"Hillary Clinton and the Dogs of War" I think it is clear now that her positions are the direct result of straight-up bribery.

Her Goldwater days.  But Goldwater's foreign policy positions were infinitely more moral that Clinton's.

"Employee Who Complained About Not Earning Enough Money To Buy Food Is Swiftly, Savagely Fired From Yelp"  ""I can't afford to buy groceries...""  This looks like a social media income-producing stunt, but that doesn't make her comments any less valid.  Note the protection racket aspect of Yelp's business.  Yelp relies on page views, so we could easily collectively put it out of business in a few weeks.

"Tiger Forces complete the east Aleppo encirclement: 800+ ISIS fighters trapped"  "The East Aleppo pocket has closed"

"Saudi Foreign Minister: 'I Don't Think World War III Is Going To Happen in Syria'" (an excellent way to kiss international commercial aviation goodbye!):
"SPIEGEL: Is Saudi Arabia in favor of supplying anti-aircraft missiles to the rebels?
Al-Jubeir: Yes. We believe that introducing surface-to-air missiles in Syria is going to change the balance of power on the ground. It will allow the moderate opposition to be able to neutralize the helicopters and aircraft that are dropping chemicals and have been carpet-bombing them, just like surface-to-air missiles in Afghanistan were able to change the balance of power there. This has to be studied very carefully, however, because you don't want such weapons to fall into the wrong hands."

"The Nuge – read before you judge" !

"That Sinking Feeling"  We know there is going to be a disaster, we just don't know when.  Needless to say, the denialists making the profits now won't be the ones having to pay for it.

"On the war in Syria: what Western reporters don't report (The man who beat up Christopher Hitchens in Beirut)"
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