Friday, February 05, 2016

Chased by a bear

"Why the ‘Sultan of Chaos’ is freaking out"

"Turkey’s Gates To Europe" It is like that joke about being chased by a bear - it doesn't matter how stupid Turkey is as long as Turkey is smarter than Europe.

"The Italian Connection and “Girlfriends” of World Chaos"  Part of the Soros Army of Evil.

"Who Are the Real Heirs of Zionism?"  The settlers are entirely to blame, so once Israel pretends to deal with them, Israel is good again.

"UN Panel Rules That, Yes, Julian Assange Has Been Arbitrarily Detained"  Swedes are the new Jews, so international law is of no concern to them.  "Freeing Julian Assange: the last chapter"

"All the News That’s Fit to Print"  The US has built this weird secret slave society, and could not function without 'illegals'.  There is the striking idea amongst the Trump-loving hillbillies that somehow the United States is the 'victim' of all these Mexican peasants, while all evidence shows that the system operates exactly as the American government wants it to.

"Nuland-Surkov Meeting: US Tries to Re-Write Minsk II: Russia Says No"  World Jewry is getting desperate.

"Taub Nomination for Top Foreign Ministry Job Fails (for now) After Accusations of Pederasty"  Linked to for the title.
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