Saturday, February 27, 2016


"Newsbud Producer Pearse Redmond on: “Meeting the Billionaire Pedophile Pal of Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew”"  Not a bad video.  Note that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are under the thumb of serious career- and freedom-threatening Mossad blackmail.

"Escaped political prisoner assassinated by Israel in Bulgaria, say family"  "Omar Nayef Zayed assassinated in Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria"  From 2007:  "Ashraf Marwan's shoes" and "A brief history of falling off buildings".

"Is There A Crack in the Dam Holding Back the Truth on Syria?"

"Syrian Ceasefire: A Signal that Russia is winning the War?":
". . .  if the mainly Muslim Brotherhood remnants of the Free Syrian Army maintain the ceasefire with the regime, then they are freeing up Syrian Arab Army troops to fight al-Qaeda and Daesh. In essence, Putin has managed to divide the opposition into those willing to observe a cessation of hostilities and those who are not, or from whom Russia would not accept such an offer.
Only having to fight the Nusra Front/ al-Qaeda and Daesh gives the Syrian army and its allies an advantage. They don’t have to guard their rear positions as much, and can be more aggressive in targeting the al-Qaeda linked groups.
If the less radical Free Syria Army factions around Homs, Hama and in west Aleppo maintain the ceasefire, they are essentially entering into negotiations with the regime. From there, the step to participating in new elections is not a very large one. Russia has shown a credible interest in coopting them, and it might now be able to do so in some instances. This eventuality would make it actually not necessary for the SAA and Russia to defeat the less radical rebels, a real savings in military resources."
The Americans and the CIA and their Jewish commanders are learning a hard lesson that the skill of Russian diplomacy is a serious military weapon.

"Australia’s ranked ballot holds grim lesson for electoral reform"  It is encouraging that there is some push-back in Canada to the proposed utter ruination of the Canadian political system for the sole benefit of the fringiest of the fringe, crackpotcracy.

"Reuters: How the West misread Putin over Syria" and the necessary 'crapaganda' comment/corrective by ragheadthefiendlyterrorist.

In order to justify mass murder (For The Jews, naturally), places like Canada have to create a phony 'humanitarian' front, which everyone half-asses as they know what a lie it really is:  "More problems for the Dahla Dam – one of Canada’s Afghan signature projects"

"This racist backlash against refugees is the real crisis in Europe"  This isn't an accident, it is carefully planned and orchestrated by those who have a political interest in Islamophobia.

France is fucked:  "Short Cuts".  I'm serious, well and truly fucked, with no escape.

"How Turkey supports the jihadists"  Down to minute details.  Rogue state.

"When Hillary Clinton threw Arab and Muslim Americans under the bus"  People are wondering about the noticeable absence of Sheldon's shekels in the Republican race, but why would he waste his money when Hil is so much better?  I believe in fact that the utter servitude of Hil to Zionist interests is the reason why the Jews didn't impose discipline on the Republican race and deal with the issue of Trump's ascendancy through the huge field coupled with his small plurality of support.

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