Thursday, February 04, 2016

Fantastically insane

"Short And Sharp: Saa Cuts Off Rebel "LOC" With Northern Aleppo"  ""South Front" 3 February 2016 Aleppo maps"  "Syria: 'Negotiations' Over Insurgency's Northern Supply Route Concluded"  And Turkey can't do anything about it as it is terrified Russia would retaliate by arming the Kurds:  "An Explosive Situation Is Brewing in Turkey"

"Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge In the News Again: Still Too Many Awkward Questions" Details on one of the jihadist factories.

"Euromaidan unmasked: Europe shocked by the bitter truth on Ukraine"

Dumb shit watch:  "Harper: More Team Obama Provocations Against Russia"  Szubin is a big lawfare thug:  "Adam Szubin, 42, the top U.S. Treasury Department official to monitor Iran’s sanctions compliance, was in New Jersey this week, traveling with Sen. Corey Booker (D-N.J.) and speaking to Jewish groups. Szubin is the product of an Orthodox home and day school education in Bergen County, N.J., and was a founder in 2002 of the DC Minyan, a traditional congregation with an egalitarian flavor."  Note how he blindsided Kerry, Nudelman-Kagan-style.  The treason - not to mention the consistent identity of the traitors - is very obvious.

This is indeed excellent, top tier analysis:  "The “German Question”"

Nonsense, obvious nonsense:  "Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel"

"Why I Use the Term ‘AngloZionist’, and Why It’s Important".  Nietzsche's problem is still a problem.

"Want Endless War? Love the U.S. Empire? Well, Hillary Clinton’s Your Choice"  Hil makes Dick Cheney look like a hippie peacenik.  Her Presidency would put a dagger in any hope of a decent life for 99% of the American population.

"Let’s Talk About Bernie Sanders and the Middle East"

"Conspiracy Theorists Think Zika Is a Biological Weapon"

"What Happened to Jane Mayer When She Wrote About the Koch Brothers"

"Update: NY Times Hoaxers Come Forward"  Sadly, it was the vile Jewish Voices for Peace.
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