Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hil and Henry

"He lied. He said there were weapons of mass destruction—there were none. And then they knew there were none."  Note how Gawker outright lies and makes Trump into a truther.

"The "Race To Raqqa" Is Quickly Intensifying"  Maybe, but real evidence is slim to non-existent, and mostly generated by the Russians, who seem to be starting a propaganda war to avert any funny stuff (don't get me wrong - preemptive propaganda is a good idea, and should be employed more often by the opponents of Empire).  More:
  • "Turkey and Saudi Arabia: to fight or to flight?" 
  • "Saudi Arabia Deploys Forces to Turkey: Another Big Step to Bring World Closer to War" (note that this Russian propaganda contains no evidence that the Saudis have deployed)
  • "Turkey PM: Ankara Fired at Kurds in Response to Proximity to Azaz"

The time to intervene was months ago; this looks like frustration.

"Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record"

A frock designer for the 0.1% was, naturally, the go-between of the greatest friendship of out time, Hil and Henry the K:  "Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger: It's Personal. Very Personal.".  Punta (corrected) Cana is a Puerto Rican hop, skip and a jump from 'orgy island'.  I'd like to think of Hil and Kissinger sitting on the beach, drinking rum, and staring out to sea towards Little Saint James in the (Until Recently) Virgin Islands, where Bill is being serviced by some of the Mossad's underage prostitutes.  If you consider Hil's 'donors', and Bill's hobbies, you can start to get an inkling why there are so many Wars For The Jews.
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