Sunday, February 28, 2016

History suggests

"Snowden Sums Up The Presidential Campaign With Just One Tweet" - the tweet in question, which comes close to 'anti-Semitism':  "2016: a choice between Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs."

"Neocon savages Christie for failing ‘months and months of careful coaching’ by foreign policy experts".  You have to enjoy the reaction of the buyers when people who are bought won't stay bought.  The main weakness of Jewish power is that it depends entirely on bribery and blackmail - the shabbos goyim have not a smidgen of actual respect for Jewish political positions, which everybody knows are profoundly immoral.

"Leading America… to defeat"  At some point, Americans are going to discover the causal relationship between social problems in the United States and the sheer massive - unfathomably massive - cost of Wars For The Jews.

"Hillary Goes to War" (and read on to see how our Holocaust hyper-indoctrination leads to never-ending warmongering):
"In her star-struck biography of the First Lady, Hillary’s Choice, Gail Sheehy reported Hillary’s plea in favor of bombing Yugoslavia in 1999 as a major point in her favor. According to Sheehy’s book, Hillary convinced her reluctant husband to unleash the 78-day NATO bombing campaign against the Serbs with the argument that: “You can’t let this ethnic cleansing go on at the end of the century that has seen the Holocaust.”"

"Is The U.S. Preparing A "Color Revolution" In Russia?"  Always remember that the debacle in Ukraine was an attempt by World Jewry, through its treason-agent Nudelman-Kagan, to keep Russia out of the Middle East.  This backfired badly as Putin is wise enough to know that if you have a bad case of the Jews the only response is a direct return attack.  The Russian government and people now have the advantage of knowing that they are in the sights of the neocons, and will react accordingly to any attempt at political manipulation.

"Robert Kagan's Premature and Wrongheaded Decision to Endorse Clinton" It is amazing to me that conservatives seem to be clueless about the fact that World Jewry attached itself to the Republican Party solely because that's where the war was.  Now that America's chief warmonger is a Democrat, the rats are switching ships. 'Even-handed' Trump, Epstein Mossad Orgy Island blackmail and Rothschild entanglements notwithstanding, is the Holocaust.

We can be 100% certain that this is largely funded and organized with US money:  "Boris Nemtsov supporters mark year since Russian opposition leader's killing"

"Voices from Syria: Reports from Inside Syria by Rev. Andrew Ashdown – Part 1"

"Another Mossad Assassination, This Time in Bulgaria":
"Bulgaria’s prime minister was visiting Israel until a few hours before the hit.  It happened only five hours after his plane left Ben Gurion according to this tweet (see display) from a Haaretz journalist whose rather unusual hobby is tracking international air traffic . . ."

"Merkel Asks German Businesses to be Patient With Anti-Russian Sanctions".  Ha!  I suppose the good news is that Merkel is trying to placate them by telling them the problem is temporary.

"The NY Times, Netanyahu’s Stenographer"

The Jewish Film Awards are tonight (my emphasis in red):
"Amy’s artful depiction of the Amy Winehouse tragedy is odds-on to win Best Documentary Feature, but Best Documentary Short is a toss-up — although history suggests Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah is the most Academy likely."
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