Monday, February 22, 2016


"Syriza Sells Out Former Ally, Palestine, to Form Ties with Israel, and Indirectly, Germany"  A particular shame given the naturally progressive inclinations of the Greek people.

"Syrian Hospital Strikes & the Unexpected War Criminals"  It sounds like a trick - hide the hospitals, and when they are accidentally hit, join the Zionist propaganda roar.

"The deeper truths journalists are blind to" by Jonathan Cook.  Fair enough, although if we wanted to take it a step further, to truth, we'd be criticizing Chomsky.  The mere fact that Kinzer broached the subject of ubiquitous media lying in a mainstream media outlet is amazing.

After 'someone would have talked' (the idea that in a large group of people somebody won't be able to keep the secret), the chief official rebuttal to conspiracy theory is that there was no plan, but just incompetence which looks like a plan.  This general theory of incompetence is particularly helpful for the conspiracy planners in a world of false flags, as they are always in need of an innocent explanation why the authorities didn't stop the atrocity.

"Propaganda as “News”: Ecuador Sells out Indigenous and the Environment to China"  "Can the NYT Really Answer Your Questions on Venezuela?"  "The Economist’s Latest Whoppers on Venezuela"  Unfortunately the straight-up lying makes its way into the general understanding, even amongst the 'left'.

"Maura Murray and the Internet sleuths trying to find her"  One of the strangest missing persons stories in recent American history, a vanishing into thin air with lots of suspicious background which makes it appear that she was at least attempting to create a new identity for herself (leading to the idea that she may still be alive, possibly in Canada).  A book, and a podcast promoting a planned documentary, are spurring new interest (also Reddit, Websleuths).
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