Monday, February 29, 2016

Just disappeared

"A New Libya, With ‘Very Little Time Left’" (simply hilarious lying, since we know the CIA was moving massive quantities of these weapons to Islamist terrorists in Syria):
"While the C.I.A. moved quickly to secure Colonel Qaddafi’s chemical weapons, other efforts fell short. “There was one arsenal that we thought had 20,000 shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles, SA-7s, that basically just disappeared into the maw of the Middle East and North Africa,” recalled Robert M. Gates, the American defense secretary at the time."
"Refugee Crisis: EU Cites Missing Libyan Navy It Destroyed in 2011" (ha!):
"Even before the first NATO bomb dropped on Libya in 2011, geopolitical analysts had warned of the refugee crisis that would be triggered along with a variety of other humanitarian and security concerns that would evolve with the destruction of not only the Libyan navy, but the stabilizing effects of the Libyan government itself."

"Bellingcat: the Dead Cat Factory"  Selling western intelligence agencies the propaganda they want to hear, seemingly from a lowly, disinterested, unbiased source, is always going to be a good business model.  The shtick that it comes from analysis of information freely obtainable from internet searches is new.

"Gypsies"  The harshness seems to be caused by the fact that somebody stole his camera, a phenomenon much beloved by tomwolfe-ian 'race realists'.

"Ukraine Collapse Is Now Imminent"  The complaint of Maiden protesters was mostly about corruption.

I was sure the Jewish Film Award would go to the Holocaust movie-making documentary (a meta-Holocaust movie!; perhaps next year they can nominate a movie about the making of the documentary), but they gave it instead to a movie about Muslim honor killings!
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