Tuesday, February 09, 2016


"Israel's International Conspiracy"  Sayanim. Saving the world will involve, of necessity, forcefully dealing with this.

Parasite-host:  "Israel Reveals Details of Obama's Aid Package".  'Negotiations'!

"West Bank Settlers’ Listings on Airbnb Draw Palestinian Anger"  Odd, until you remember that the current plan of World Jewry is to put all the blame on the far-off settlers (the close-in settlers are to get free stolen Palestinian land).

"Merkel mission unaccomplished"  The Euro-trash who run Europe could have vetoed all the Wars For The Jews, and there would be no refugee problem.  Now they have put themselves at the tender mercies of Turkey.  As always, you can get away with being stupid, and you can get away with being evil, but you can never get away with being both stupid and evil.

The Saudis share a problem with Israel -  an army sissified by spending its time terrorizing civilians:  "The Disingenuous Saudi “Offer” to Fight in Syria".  Contrast that with the Syrian army, battle-hardened by fighting lung-eaters into a lean, mean fighting machine.

The geniuses who run Algonquin College are having difficulty understanding the nature of the problem:  "Algonquin College considers women-only Saudi Arabia campus".  They can't be that stupid, can they?  I have to assume there are kick-backs involved.
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