Saturday, February 06, 2016

Not subtle

Not subtle at all.  "Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Marco Rubio (BUT NOT BECAUSE OF SHELDON ADELSON)"  "Adelson-owned newspaper denies Rubio endorsement came from Adelson". Even more amazing:  "Journalists as ‘hit squad:’ Connecting the dots on Sheldon Adelson, the Review-Journal of Las Vegas and Edward Clarkin in Connecticut"

"No Fair Hearing for Assange at the Guardian"  "Julian Assange, the UN, and Meanings of Arbitrary Detention"  It is striking, but not at all surprising, how the media outright lies about the facts of this case.

Comment by Denis.  Public health authorities in various Latin American countries are taking this seriously, making it unlikely that it is just an American media stunt.  One effect will be an improvement in reproductive rights for women, a factor which usually leads to liberation in politics generally (which of course is why reproductive rights have to be kept locked down).

"Hillary's son-in-law is a Wall Street hedge fund partner." "Who Hatched Rubio?"  "Giving Peace Very Little Chance"

"Pseudo-leftist Cognitive Policing on Race" by Gearóid Ó Colmáin

"Bernard-Henri Lévy on Wars and Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid!"  Warmongering for pure violent group supremacist purposes, always by the same one identifiable group, in plain sight (boasting about it, even!), always leading to absolute disasters for everybody else, but don't you dare notice!!!
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