Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Platitude monetization

"Turkey Backs Down From Invasion Rhetoric"

"Turkey is screwed. And it’s all US fault (corrected text)"  The only way this is going to work is if the Syrian Kurds end up with a province in federal Syria, and the Iraqi Kurds end up with a province in federal Iraq.

It is amusing how the Wahhabists have to cloak their attack in the guise of the usual support for the oppressed:  "‘Democratic Confederalism’ or Counter-Revolution?"

"Syria: Does This "Cessation Of Hostilities" Allow Attacks On Jaish al-Fatah?" Brilliant diplomacy!  I assume a product of Russian minds, as Americans aren't up to this level.  It allows Barry to take a document back to the Jews who tell him what to do, while the Russians can carry on the de-terrorizing procedure unimpeded.  It is vague in the critical places which allow it to be interpreted as needed (remembering always that the Americans aren't really upset with the Russian actions in Syria but have to pretend to be for their Jewish masters).

With 100% control by our very oppressive Jewish supremacist masters, direct action is all we have left:  "Israeli fury at unofficial ads on London Underground"

"Britain’s Jewish Communist Traitors"

"Nor a Lender Be"  On how Hillary monetizes vague liberal platitudes.
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