Thursday, February 25, 2016

The International Order of St. Hubertus

Where do people get these crackpot conspiracy theories, anyway?:  "Antonin Scalia Spent His Last Day on Earth Living It Up With Members of a Very Old and Mysterious Hunting Society".  The International Order of St. Hubertus.  The story originates with the Washington Post, which doesn't necessarily mean it is a lie:
"The society’s U.S. chapter launched in 1966 at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is associated with the all-male Bohemian Grove — one of the most notorious secret societies in the country."
From a Canadian Liberal MP abstainer: "My thoughts on Mr. Clement’s divisive motion"

"Killing by Sanctions"  Sanctions For The Jews.

"Meet the fossil-fuel loving hedge fund billionaire behind Hillary's surge" He's of Moroccan heritage, so I suppose he operates on the principle of demanding his serfs like Hil deliver 'what's good for the Moroccans'.  Just kidding.

"Anti-Israel posters on London tube network are ‘unauthorised vandalism’ – Rosa Doherty/The Jewish Chronicle"  Weird bit at the end seems to be Bibi trying to protect Boris.

"“We Need To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew”" (Atzmon). There aren't a whole lot of normal red-blooded Americans who think it would be a good idea to spend their youth on a kibbutz (why the mystery - was it the 'wrong' kind of kibbutz?).

"Why We Must Transcend the Clinton-Sanders Debate" by Ramzy Baroud.  "Sanders and Trump: Too Establishment on Syria"

Game theory in the Republican race:  "How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable":
"At a time when there couldn't be more at stake, with the Middle East in shambles, a major refugee crisis, and as many as three Supreme Court seats up for grabs (the death of satanic quail-hunter Antonin Scalia underscored this), the Republican Party picked a strange year to turn the presidential race into a potluck affair. The candidates sent forth to take on Trump have been so incompetent they can't even lose properly.
One GOP strategist put it this way: "Maybe 34 [percent] is Trump's ceiling. But 34 in a five-person race wins."
The numbers simply don't work, unless the field unexpectedly narrows before March.


Now none of the three "establishment lane" candidates could drop out. And the next major contest, South Carolina, was deemed by horse-race experts to have too tiny an "establishment lane" vote to decide which two out of that group should off themselves in time for the third to mount a viable "Stop Trump" campaign.
All of which virtually guarantees Trump will probably enjoy at least a five-horse race through Super Tuesday. So he might have this thing sewn up before the others even figure out in what order they should quit. It's hard to recall a dumber situation in American presidential politics.
"If you're Trump, you're sending flowers to all of them for staying in," the GOP strategist tells me. "The more the merrier. And they're running out of time to figure it out.""

"The Russian-American Agreement on Syria?"

"Syrian army recaptures strategic town southeast of Aleppo"

""I'll Be Right There Big Brother": Leaked Transcripts Prove ISIS-Turkey Link"

"Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches Must Be Really Bad"  There's a Hollywood trope of the stirring pep talk given by the big capitalist to his minions (if you've been watching the so-so show Billions - and isn't it odd that for decades Hollywood writers were much better than Hollywood actors, and now it is the other way around? - there is a good one in there involving Pearl Harbor references).  It would be something if Hil was caught cheer leading the sales team of some bank or brokerage!

 Added:  Btw, there is an 'anti-Semitic' Billions casting conspiracy theory, based on the fact that it is clearly based, down to fine details, on Steven A. Cohen, while Damien Lewis could not possibly be more gentile - see here and here and, as background of the trend, here.
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