Thursday, March 03, 2016

Burning as they Flee

"Hilary Clinton: The Jewish Lobby’s Candidate"

"Clinton Politics Made Simple"

"New Report Shows Hillary Clinton Drove US Into Libya Disaster" (Shadowproof should hire some copy editors):
"While there had been previous reports citing Clinton as leading the charge for the US to enter the war and overthrow former Libyan Leader Moamar Gaddafi, the Times published a play-by-play story with on-the-record comments numerous current and former Obama Administration officials.
The most prominent of those on-the-record comments came from former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who claimed that the decision to go to war in Libya was heavily influence by Clinton. In fact, Gates says she made the difference in a “51-49” decision that ultimately destroyed the country of Libya and allowed ISIS to grab new territory in the Middle East."

"The Lion and the Sheep – Justin"  Traditional American isolationism?  Charles Lindberg, back in style?

"They Are Not Fascists, Just Deeply in Love With Their Fatherland, Ukraine..."  Also, the French documentary the Ukrainian government had censored:  "Ukraine: The Masks of the Revolution"

"The cease fire seems to be going well ..."  The timing was excellent - just at the time a lot of the human organ eaters thought it would be good for their health to give up cannibalism (is there a term for a non-human diet?).

"Updates from Aleppo: Terrorists Looting & Burning as they Flee."

"Continuing CIF censorship in the service of propaganda"  Interesting as an example of the meticulous work of the mainstream media in hiding the conspiracies.  You can see why they want to get rid of comments - the censorship process must be very expensive.

"Narco Liquidity"

"Russia expert Stephen Cohen on Trump"

"Saudi Arabia's "Northern Thunder," Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing". Saudi Arabia is a big hot-air factory.

"Blind Item #8"  Ziad Takieddine
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