Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Highly annoying, suspicious and creepy

"What Success Looks Like - When a 'withdrawal' is not a withdrawal"  There is fear that the Russians have made some kind of deal with the Americans, i. e., World Jewry, but I can't see Putin being happy if there is any chance of a terror state base being set up in eastern Syria.  That state remains the 'existential threat' to Russia.

"Where did ISIS come from? The story starts here."  Quotes Mr. Angry (!), and contains the message-in-a-bottle code words to let us know the captured writer is actually hip ("decades-long paralysis of despotism and anti-Semitism"), but ultimately fails due to following the the current Official Story putting all the blame on Bremer, who was, of course, just following Zionist orders to make sure Iraq stayed wrecked.

"Europeans Staring at Total Failure in Ukraine":
"The problem the Europeans have is that they have committed themselves to maintaining the sanctions against until the terms of Minsk II are carried out. 
When they did this the Europeans however failed to take the basic precaution of linking the lifting of the sanctions not just to Russian adherence to Minsk II but to Ukrainian adherence as well.
Since the provisions of Minsk II actually require most of the action to be taken by the Ukrainians, this failure has not only denied the Europeans leverage over the Ukrainians.  It has given the Ukrainians a perverse incentive to renege on their commitments to carry out Minsk II, since that way they can oblige the Europeans to continue the sanctions."

"US Invites Thai Fugitive Mass Murderer to NYC"

"Billionaire donor using British Council to combat Israel boycott"

"Trump Youth Plaster Slurs, Swastika And 'Trump' On College Chapel Walls"  'Trump Youth'? That's laying it on thick, even by Clintonista standards.  Anyway, "Powerful judge’s son charged in Ill. hate crime".  And:  "Why? Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker charged over pro Trump hate graffiti":
"...why Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker targeted the chapel, or how they accessed it hours after it closed, with police saying there was ‘no sign of forced entry.’

At present it is believed that neither student had any ties to the chapel, as workers set about wiping away most of the graffiti over the weekend."

"Frank Luntz Is Concerned That 2016 Will Be As Violent As 1968"  'Concerned'.

"What President Trump’s Foreign-Policy Team Might Look Like" and the link to the ad.  "Trump’s foreign policy advisers are hard to find"

"Orthodox Jews Set Sights on N.J. Town and Angry Residents Resist":  “highly annoying, suspicious and creepy”.

"Colombian actress faces backlash over remarks on Hollywood Jews and the Oscars" Someone should start an award ceremony for documentaries that aren't about the Holocaust.

"Will Donald Trump End Up Like JFK?" Doesn't really deliver on its title.
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