Monday, March 07, 2016

Nothing but rascals

"“Raise your right hand” – Donald Trump"  Get ready for a lot more of this.  And the why?:  "Israel and American Politics: The Big Breakthrough – Justin Raimondo/"

"I won’t vote for Bernie Sanders: His feeble position on Israel is a serious progressive problem – Steven Salaita/"  And its comments.  Absolute 'anti-Semitic' isolationism is the only way there will be any funds to pay for any kind of progressive politics.

"Election Integrity Activist Wants Sanders to Check Oklahoma Ballots" Hil and Bill, cheaters.

"Arab days of shame (MUST READ!)":  "Palestinians have a great cause, but for a major part, their leaders have been nothing but rascals, ungrateful rascals."

Not subtle:  "1st edition of Turkish Zaman daily after govt takeover sees smiling Erdogan on front page".

The axis of cowardice, in lieu of having to fight, and lose, creates mischief:  "Saudis, Turks Bid to Open Lebanon Front":
"The Saudis and their regional allies – who have been pushing for regime change for the past five years against the Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah-allied government of President Bashar al-Assad – see the escalation of regional instability as the best way to salvage their covert war in Syria."
"Syria: Phantom "Rebels" Return from the Dead"  It is funny how the propaganda machine carries on long after it has any chance of fooling anybody.

"The West and Syria: the corporate media vs. reality" The Syrian debacle started out as a color revolution, and some of the participants had legitimate grievances about how the Syrian government applied neoliberal solutions to dealing with the drought crisis, but legitimate actors were immediately replaced by the spiritual fellow-travelers of the human organ eaters.

"Hall of mirrors: the psychology of false flags"
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