Tuesday, March 01, 2016


"Jeff Gates Revisited: Deception at the Oscars"  #oscarssowhite?  What about #hollywoodsojewish? Chris Rock would like to make movies and television again in his life, not to mention work in a comedy club, and attacking the 'whites' for their racism is perfectly safe, indeed, encouraged.  It is the same phenomenon we see when essentially 100% of the biggest financial crimes against all of us are committed by a group comprising 2% of the population, yet when Hollywood makes movies or television about these crimes the perps are inevitably portrayed by gentiles.

"Argentina Reaches Deal With Hedge Funds Over Debt"

"We just got another massive sign of how badly Saudi Arabia is suffering from the oil price crash"  Yet we're still supposed to believe that the Saudis are doing this to themselves, rather than the stark and unspeakable truth that the oil price plunge is caused by a profound drop in demand caused by a world-wide recession/depression.

"Ukrainian Civil War: Where the Rebels Get Their Weapons, How they Use Them and What Their Most Effective Are. by Shellback"

"The Contrived Iran Threat"  World Jewry is laying the groundwork for the next series of Wars For The Jews, to be run by whichever post-Barry shabbos goy ends up as President.  Meanwhile, Iran does its peaceful thing:  "Iran Makes Trade, Not War, with Eurasia".

"Protecting al-Qaeda: Guest Analysis by Steven Chovanec".  The fact is that al-Qaeda, the patsy for September 11, is now the strongest American ally in the world, and American officials don't even bother to hide it.

"The Curious Islamophobic Politics of Dem Congressmember Tulsi Gabbard" This is bizarre neocon trash from Alternet.  How is she 'Islamophobic' for associating ISIS with Islamist terrorism?  She has consistently been saying sensible things, and has now endorsed Sanders, so she has to be slurred.

"The Establishment vs. Bernie Sanders"  It is fucking hilarious that Sanders has an exemplary human rights record over decades, up to and including putting himself in physical harm's way fifty years (!) ago (when Hil was a Goldwater Girl!), and Hillary is responsible for the 'reforms' which led to the end of much of the welfare system, the effect of which fell disproportionately on blacks, and the intentionally directed mass incarceration of black males, not to mention the cost of her warmongering for all the Wars For The Jews which has left the country destitute and unable to pay for social programs or infrastructure, not to mention her relationship with the worst of the banksters, yet Hillary is successfully gaining black votes on a backasswards portrayal of herself as the identity politics champion.  Wow!  It is hard to feel sorry for voters who make that profound a mistake.
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