Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sorositis and shekelholism

"Israelis rally around soldier filmed executing injured Palestinian"  Mass Israeli popular support for outrages is now a meme.

"France’s Tax Subsidy on “Gifts” to Israeli Army"  Death threats for mentioning it have silenced the Senator.

You just have to scratch the surface to find that Sic Semper Tyrannis is itself part of the 'borg':  "Fidel does not love us!"  "Cuba’s sustainable agriculture at risk in U.S. thaw"

"Bravo for Assad – he is a vile tyrant but he has saved Palmyra from Isil" by Boris Johnson.  Trying to distinguish himself from the pig-fucker he wants to replace:  "Why is David Cameron so silent on the recapture of Palmyra from the clutches of Isis? – Robert Fisk/The Independent"

"Full Metal Retard Part Deux: CIA-Backed Rebels Now At War With Pentagon-Armed Fighters In Syria's Aleppo"

"The Saudi Connection in the Belgium Attacks"  Like the creation of Islamophobia in the United States, this is another example of massive amounts of money being spent to achieve extremely horrible goals, all invisibly.

Insane on many levels:  "Saudi land purchases fuel debate over US water rights – Elliot Spagat, Aya Batraawy/AP"

"Israel Helps Invaders in Europe"

"Condaleeza Rice To Struggling Ukrainians: "Be Thankful You're Not In Liberia""  Ha!  Ebola is much healthier than Nudelman-Kagan Syndrome - experts find themselves unable, like the French Senator, to describe the cause, but it it appears to be connected with the eating of cookies and is followed by bizarre celebrations, kind of like AIDS amongst today's gays, of having caught the disease - or Sorositis. People with Sorositis pray to have the relatively benign ebola instead.  It would be nice if somebody was to learn from the mistakes of those who follow the color revolution road to ruin.

"Hillary’s Latest Bow to AIPAC" by Ralph Nader.  ""What They Said"  Another fatal disease, one that does not kill the carriers but only all those innocents around the carriers, is shekelholism.

"Why This Photo Of Brazilian Protesters Is Sparking National Debate" The quintessence of a color revolution.

"There’s a ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Madeleine Albright"

"Isis May Have Lost the Battle of Palmyra, But It's Not Lost the War"  As usual, comments much superior to the article.  Articles from the mainstream are still useful, but only for provoking the outrage to inspire comments.

Democracy destruction will, of course, be based on lies:  "A Response to the Broadbent Institute’s Polemic for Mixed-Member Proportional Representation".  I continue to be struck by the timing:  Canadians are supposed to want a system from Europe - with a necessary vagueness over which system exactly - at a time when European voting systems are obviously deeply, and tragically, flawed, and are leading inevitably to some form of fascism.

"Head in the Sanders, Up Hillary Creek, Without a Trump Card"  Yikes!
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