Friday, March 25, 2016

Staging ground

"The Brussels Attacks: What is True, What is Fake? Three Daesh Suspects at Brussels Airport"  We need to keep our conspiracy categories straight.  There is absolutely no reason to believe this was a false-flag attack.  The closest model is Oklahoma City, which follows the FBI methods used up to today (now applied to innocent but foolish young Muslim men).  The intent of the FBI model is to create prosecutable 'terrorists' through the use of an organizing and inciting agent provocateur (e.g., Andy Strassmeir).  The connections between law enforcement and the 'terrorists', and the failure of the authorities to block the attack, makes it look like the attack was promoted by the authorities, but it is more likely to have been a situation where the authorities were played by the agent provocateur (all he has to do is tell his government handlers the attack, the one law enforcement is supposed to swoop in on and heroically stop, is planned for a much later date). 

Brussels is different, as the Official Government Plan of the Belgian government and NATO was to use Brussels as the staging ground - a safe place, free from law enforcement interference - to engage in training, arming, and arranging logistics of participating in the Zionist proxy armies in Syria.  That's the very simple and logical answer for why the authorities knew all about these guys and did nothing to stop them.  The prospective al-Nusra or ISIS fighters became enraged when Russian action demonstrated to them that the west was going to do nothing to back them up, and they violently turned on their hosts.  (By the way, I'm sure some committed and moral members of the government and law enforcement are furious about this shit, which is why we get leaks).

The people of Belgium should be asking a lot of question about things like Wars For The Jews, and the dirty participation of their government (bribed and blackmailed politicians), but they won't, and I expect a lot more deaths, and a general hardening of the relatively pleasant life of Europeans.  There is a huge price to pay for being both stupid and evil.

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