Sunday, March 06, 2016

The golem

One of the telling oddities of American politics is the genuine fear in places like Tennessee and Texas of Muslims and the anticipated imposition of sharia law.  The oddity isn't these bat-shit crazy beliefs, but rather the fact that nobody remarks on how bizarre it is that these people have such fears.  The hillbillies have far more chance of being subject to their usual baseline fear of being anally probed by creatures from Alpha Centauri than waking up to being subject to sharia law.

Of course, World Jewry has spent millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars fostering these ideas, all of it unacknowledged by the Jew-controlled mainstream media, and almost all of it anonymously funded (it is extremely unusual for Jewish billionaires not to crow about the use of their shekels).  The Clarion Project, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and many others - somebody is paying for all of this Islamophobic propaganda directed at Americans.  It is one of the largest media campaigns in American history, and, naturally, almost completely invisible in the Jew-controlled mainstream media.

The deep irony is that we're told by the Jew-controlled media that 'Republicans' - which is to say, Jews - are trying to block Trump as the Republican nominee.  They claim he is a hater, and the values of haters are the opposite of the values of Republicans (!!!), but the real ironic reason is that they fear the end of the mass destruction and deaths caused by the Wars For The Jews.  At the same time, Trump, a very unimpressive thug from New York City with clear and unambiguous New York City 'values' - somebody who would normally have zero chance of being a popular politician in the American heartland - managed to get his foot in the door using the Islamophobic trope of mass deportations of Muslims, and promoting various hate crimes directed at Muslims.  In other words, the Jewish billionaires have spent their millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars/shekels to create the atmosphere which made Trump possible as the Republican nominee.  You have to laugh.  It is even funnier when you consider that Trump, anticipating the inevitable nomination, has started to walk back the Islamophobic hatred.

It is difficult not to notice that commercially successful American mass culture - television and movies, and entirely the product of Jews - has been reduced to recycling the characters from comic books.  I can't watch Trump, as he looks exactly like a comic-book villain fabricated out of over-sized and garishly-colored plastics.  The Jews have created a golem.
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