Sunday, March 27, 2016


"'9/11 was a gift to the NSA ...'"  So the choice was between the Panopticon, favored by the security state assholes, and something smaller, more directed, and more pragmatic, and 9/11 tipped the balance to the asshole position.

A Monsanto conspiracy theory, the best kind of conspiracy theory!:  "“It’s Not the Zika Virus” — Doctors Expose Monsanto Linked Pesticide as Cause of Birth Defects".  Sadly, no Monsanto, and too ubiquitous a chemical to cause the problem:  "Experts debunk claim blaming larvicide, not Zika, for microcephaly" and "Can pyriproxyfen be the culprit for microcephaly instead of the zika virus?".

"Kerry Balks at Supplying MH-17 Data"  Those sanctions which are hurting Europe so much rest on a very thin thread which Kerry continues to push, while simultaneously engaged in considerable diplomacy with the Russians! Never forget that the only possible beneficiary of all this waste is World Jewry.

"The Writing Is on the Wall for the European Union"  "A Stolen Europe"  It is remarkable that there appears to be no common sense critique of Europe from inside Europe (The Saker lives in Florida).  Lots and lots of haters and fascists, but no native European ideas on how not to make things worse.

"Deadly Blowback from Neo-Imperial Wars"  It is hilarious how World Jewry is conducting a fairly successful war of revenge against Europeans, while European politicians consistently support their attackers and turn down any chance of life lines from, say, Russia-China.  Yet what is a European to do when the voting system has been set up to make change impossible?

"Ishtar's Resurrection, Palmyra's Liberation And The Easter Walk" Good, symbolic timing if you are fighting the allies/stooges of Christ killers.

"Syrian Government Troops Now in Palmyra" The Americans actually have the nerve to make a big thing out of complaining about cultural destruction.

"Israel’s next steps in the West Bank – Geoffrey Aronson/Al Jazeera English"

"The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite" (Petras).  Read it!  Meritocracy, no; clannish group supremacism, yes!  It doesn't help that the listed culprits have been so consistently horrible.  It is an anti-meritocracy.  Back in the day when the WASPs had much the same program going, at least their group supremacist interests largely mirrored the interests of the country in which they lived, instead of the interests of a foreign country.

"Jewish voters greet pioneer Bernie Sanders with a meh"

"In Brussels Bombing Plot, a Trail of Dots Not Connected"  Analyzed appropriately, you can see how this mirrors Boston.  In each case, despite considerable government awareness, the perps 'slipped through the cracks' because the government regarded them as government agents.  In the Boston case, Tamerlan had gone to Russia as an American government asset; in this case, the bombers were supposed to be NATO fighters for al-Qaeda or ISIS who were being prepped in the suburbs of Brussels.  Europeans might consider just how dangerous to life and freedom this kind of duplicitous Zionist program has turned out to be.

"Netanyahu’s links to French fraud mastermind exposed"  "From High-Stakes Poker to Jail: Arnaud Mimran Arrested in France"  "Benjamin Netanyahu’s Shady French Connection":
"Why is Mimran being charged only now in a case that the French police began investigating eight years ago? The first explanation is that some of Mimran’s possible partners in the conspiracy, including his former father-in-law, were murdered, and the crimes remain unsolved to this day. Another reason the French police had so much trouble getting their hands on Mimran’s partners is that those who weren’t murdered exploited the Law of Return to immigrate to Israel, even before Netanyahu urged Parisian Jews to leave France and move to Israel “for the sake of your personal security.”"
The Google 'tool': "Unlikely partners? How Western media largely ignored State Dept-Google-Al Jazeera plot against Assad"
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