Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Weaponizing stupidity

"It's our leaders who are creating a generation of terrorists"  "From the Banlieues to the Bataclan: A Trip on Samy Amimour's Bus Route"

"Is Putin Weaponising Stupidity?"  I know people always say this, but we appear to be living in an era in the west with particularly bad and incompetent politicians.

Strong evidence that hints of relative sanity in Trump's position on foreign affairs are a lie:  "Donald Trump reveals foreign policy team in meeting with The Washington Post".  "Trump and Walid Phares"

"Donald Loves Israel: the Aipac Speech – March 21st, 2016"  Complete loss of credibility.

Also:  "Elliott Abrams: advising Ted Cruz"  Of course, the Canadian candidate has the Dream Team:  "Meet The People Behind Ted Cruz’s Terrifying Foreign Policy Plan".  Wolf Blitzer (!) questions Cruz on Gaffney:  "Ted Cruz Stumbles As CNN's Blitzer Presses Him On Anti-Muslim Conspiracies Of Foreign Policy Adviser Frank Gaffney"

""Let's Be Honest, Trump Is A Loser!": Elizabeth Warren Loses It, Goes Ballistic On The Donald"  It's true. Like so many others of his ilk, had he invested the silver spoon in his mouth in sober investments he'd have more money than he does now, whatever that is.  This comment wins, though:
"Is that anything like faking you're an Indian to get into Harvard?"
"Joe Biden rails against wall builders forgetting that he was speaking to a pro-Israeli audience"  He didn't forget - this is another example of the court jester who is allowed to say things others can't.

No cookies for you:  "McCain & Nuland’s Fascist Foot Soldiers: NeoNazi Mob Attacks LGBT Event in Ukraine"

"Justice Is Blind" What happens when an important part of the judicial system goes completely rogue?  London hasn't forgotten what New York has - that investors choose a jurisdiction for predictability of outcome.

The ISIS problem in Iraq still requires a solution:  "Russia Started Shipping Weapons to Kurds in Iraq"

"Arsonists attack house of witness in Duma arson attack (Updated)"

"We’re Still in Nixonland: 20 theses about the state of politics today"  "How the Merrick Garland nomination explains the rise of Donald Trump"  I don't like Trump at all, but the peculiar caricature of Trump created by the American 'left' doesn't seem to match reality at all.  Of course, my theory is that Republican obstructionism is a ruse, part of the two-party conspiracy to hide from Americans the fact that the cost of all the many, many, many, many ruinous Wars For The Jews has left the United States incapable of being a first-world country for most of its citizens.

"Hulk Hogan's $115 Million Win Against Gawker Raises Serious First Amendment Questions"  The jury is almost certainly reflecting a deep unease about the complete loss of privacy in the Panopticon state.

"Parting Shot"

"A Patrick McDermott Sighting Story "
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