Tuesday, March 08, 2016

White on white crime

Column of the year, simply laugh-out-loud wonderful:  "An Anti-Semitism of the Left – Roger Cohen/The New York Times":  "A recent Oberlin alumna, Isabel Storch Sherrell, alluded in a Facebook post to the students she’d heard dismissing the Holocaust as mere “white on white crime.”"

"Gawker Says They Released Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Because of the Holocaust"  "Lithuania: Where The Government Agrees (In Part) With Neo-Nazi Marchers"  "What Is Israel Trying to Hide?"

"Hating on Trump"  "Saban: Clinton is a much better candidate for Israel"

"Would Donald Trump be ‘neutral’ between Israel and its enemies? – Amy Sherman/PolitiFact Florida"  World Jewry must have considerable blackmail material on Trump.  The fact it is not coming out means they are keeping their powder dry, waiting to use it when needed.  This is an interesting case study in the Jewish relationship to American politics and political parties - the Jews could force Trump out, but Trump is necessary so a faltering, weak and despised candidate like Clinton can win (this also explains why Bloomberg is out).  Sheldon thus has to take one for the team and bow out.

"Death predicts whether people vote for Donald Trump"

"Do Foreign Lives Matter? Hillary Clinton, a Death in Honduras & Feminism"

Desorosification:  "The Need for «CSO» Teams in Russia, Serbia, China, and Elsewhere" (Madsen)

"Further dissolving signs for the euro-circus"  There should be a national award given specifically for buying arms.

Reverse lawfare:  "Palestinians sue pro-Israel tycoons for $34.5bn – James Rein/Aljazeera English"

"You know Area 51, but just what in the world is Area 6?"
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