Saturday, April 30, 2016

Judas Corbyn

"Corbyn's Labour is not a Party, More Like Occupied Territory" by Gilad Atzmon:
"For years I have suggested that the Left is Jewish by proxy, but Corbyn’s Labour exceeds the realm of proxy.  Corbyn’s Labour is now unequivocally a spineless club of Sabbos Goyim.  The Labour party’s policies are now compatible with Jewish culture: intolerant to the core and concerned primarily with the imaginary suffering of one people only. These people are not the working class, they are probably the most privileged ethnic group in Britain.  Corbyn’s Labour is a Zionist Occupied Territory.
I should be happy with the current development. It proves my theses that the Left is not a friend to Palestine, the oppressed or the workless people.
I would have never believed that Jeremy Corbyn would engage in such colossally treacherous politics. I did not anticipate that Corbyn would become a Zionist lapdog.  Corbyn was a great hope to many of us. I guess that the time has come to accept that The Left is a dead concept, it has nothing to offer. Thedissent to Global capitalism and Zio-con barbarism should take a different shape. "
"Labour Has A Jewish Problem; it is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs" by Gilad Atzmon:
"If anyone had so far failed to notice the corrosive impact of Jewish power and Jewish political lobbying, it is now all out in the open.
Thanks to the Jewish Lobby and Jewish donors, the Labour Party is not a free place. It is intolerant, it is oppressive, it is an occupied territory. It cares for one people only and these people are not the working class. They are, practically speaking, a bunch of Jewish oligarchs, by far the most privileged people on this planet."
"UK Labour Party in Grip of Zionist Inquisition" by Stuart Littlewood

Corybn has been fighting a battle on two fronts, World Jewry and the Blairite traitors in his own party, but he seemed to have the courage to deal with both.  What happened?  He doesn't seem like the type to take bribes (but 'every man has his price'). Did the Jews unearth some flaw in his life and are blackmailing him?

What Corbyn did is the most vile thing a human being can do.  We've reached levels of evil that are simply unforgivable.  Not only does he destroy good, moral human beings, he scares other good, moral human beings into silence, and worst of all, gives credence to the monstrous Jewish plan to build an empire on mythological hatred.

I suppose the positive in this is that Corbyn's halo has been permanently removed.  Judas had the decency to repent and hang himself.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Cowards, stooges, and fools.

"Obama’s Legacy: al-Qaida’s Protector-in-Chief"

Hersh expresses bafflement at the irrational anti-Russian sentiment in Washington, and the ongoing preoccupation with removing Assad.  Both are, of course, instantly and easily understandable once you consider the corrupting role of Big Jew in US politics.  Much of Syria lies on Greater Israel, and the vast improvement in the Syrian army makes Yinonization of Syria even more critical.  The original Nudelman-Kagan plot against Russia was intended to deter Putin from interfering in Syria, and of course Putin successfully responded in the only possible way to deal with Big Jew, fight back.  Without Big Jew in your analyzing handbook, everything appears crazy, and you'll never understand anything.

Sadly, Corbyn has revealed himself to be another stooge, with no fight in him.  "‘Hitler was a Zionist’ claim gets Ken Livingstone suspended from Labour".  "Where Angels Fear to Tread".  "Livingstone vindicated: There WAS a Nazi-Zionist agreement and Hitler DID support it".  Time to throw Corbyn on the scrapheap of history, with all the other cowards, stooges, and fools.

"Sisi's dilemma"  "Israeli journalist: Sisi would accept a Palestinian state in Sinai"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pot plant

"The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover"  "Germany Silences Erdogan Critics to Build New Air Force Base in Turkey"

"US Apocalypse in Mosul in the Guise of Bombing ISIS"

"University of California, Davis, Chancellor Is Removed From Post". Very curious as this type of scum is usually on the protected list.

"Why the Vampire Squid Wants Small Depositors’ Money in 1 Frightening Chart"  If you are stupid enough to deal with these people you deserve the inevitable loss of your money.

"Former Tor developer created malware for the FBI to hack Tor users":
"Mitre Corporation, where Edman did at least some of his work for the FBI, is a private nonprofit that makes nearly $1.5 billion annually, according to its annual reports, from its work on security with the U.S. Department of Defense and a host of other federal agencies.
Mitre occupies a paradoxical space in the cybersecurity world. It maintains the industry-standard list of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), meant to help share transparent security data to beat hackers across the tech world. But it's also being paid by the federal government to develop and deploy hacks."

It is interesting that the US government has set things up to allow many people to access quasi-anonymity in order to set up a honey trap for specific people they really want to imprison.

"An Israeli occupation soldiers snuck into Lebanon with a Canadian passport and this is what he concluded after a few days in the country"

"Duchess Kate And Prince William “Scrambled” To Hide The Title Of A Painting From The Obamas"  Pot plant.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

She ran back in the building

I'm thinking they should have left Barry at home and just sent his teleprompter, and then the two teleprompters could have done some diplomacy:
"Foreign leaders visiting King Salman of Saudi Arabia have noticed that there is a large flower display positioned just in front of where the 80-year-old monarch sits. On closer investigation, the visitors realised that the purpose of the flowers is to conceal a computer which acts as a teleprompter, enabling the King to appear capable of carrying on a coherent conversation about important issues.
One visiting US delegation meeting with King Salman recently observed a different method of convincing visitors – or at least television viewers watching the encounter – that he can deal with the escalating crises facing Saudi Arabia. The king did not look at the group but at a giant television screen hanging from the ceiling of the room on which was appearing prompts. Simon Henderson, the Saudi expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, who tells the story, writes that off to one side in the room was an aide who “furiously hammered talking points into a keyboard”."

Note the ubiquity of the standard Zio-American lie that the Saudis actually can control oil prices, an idea that might have been arguable months ago but which experience has proven to be laughable: "Obama Blowback & Saudi Arabia's "Real Nuclear Option"".  Without the demand it is like pushing a noodle.  Of course, the new American producers are all technically insolvent, but continue to produce to allow the banks to keep these loans on their books as performing, thus preventing the entire American banking system from collapsing (again, and too big to fail is going to be a hard sell this time for the usual wealth extraction from the 99%).  This situation is so awful that nobody can say it out loud.

"Relocate Israel To USA"  One way or another, this is inevitable.

"‘NYT’ manages to make childhood detention story work for Israel"  "Apologists for Israel, Touted in The NY Times"

"Pentagon adopts Israeli tactic in bombing ISIS".  Yet more pure unadulterated Zionist propaganda from the Jew-controlled media, but the ending is funny:
"Initially the U.S. believed that the knock operation had worked to save the woman inside that the U.S. had observed.
Despite the fact that "the men that were in that building -- multiple men -- literally trampled over her to get out of that building," according to Gersten, she was able to get out herself.
He continued, "We watched her and observed her leaving the building. And she cleared the building, and we began to process the strike."
But then, he said, she ran back in the building.
It was "very difficult for us to watch, and it was within the final seconds of the actual impact," Gersten recalled.
There is video of the entire incident but it's unlikely to be released by the Pentagon because it shows a civilian being killed, according to a defense official."

"The conservative media’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s coughing"  Actually, the story is the complete and total lack of concern amongst 'progressives' for what is a rather alarming and repeating phenomenon.  "Bernie Sanders Won’t Drop Out, Here’s Why"  We're literally at the point where the only hope for America and humanity is if she drops dead.  Also, it is simply hil-arious that all the usual voices that whine constantly about massive, overwhelming vote fraud, and massive, overwhelming voter suppression, by Republicans, have gone completely silent.

The Clinton ratfucking is relentless:  "The Trolls, the Political Operative, and the Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pro-Bernie Facebook Groups"

"Why people in the West still believe the official lies about Syria?"  Note that the root cause for the depression that is causing so many problems is Wars For The Jews.

"Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist Resigns After Paper Banned Him From Writing About Owner Sheldon Adelson".  He bought the paper so he could do what he wanted without press coverage.

"The Return of the Coup in Latin America" "The Constitutional Coup-Color Revolution Two-Step in Brazil"

I've never believed the early bin Laden death story - an internet rumor for which there is literally zero evidence - as I believe his supporters would have made a big thing about his 'martydom'.  In any event, making Hersh into a CIA asset for failing to believe it is ridiculous.  Hersh's claims regarding the murder are so damning for so many parts of the American establishment that they do not meet the profile of a limited hangout.

Good summary of the current Euro-trash obsession with protecting the Caliph's thin skin:  "The Erdogan Insult Mess: Dutch Reporter, German Politician Arrested For Mocking Erdogan; Swiss Art Exhibit Targeted Too".  Here's what they get for it:  "Turkish border guards 'shoot eight Syrian refugees dead' including women and children trying to reach safety".

Tweet (Cryptome):
"Main fault of limited Snowden releases is ample time, cover for replacements. Unclear if that's compacted complicity, aped by Panama Papers."
"Panama Papers: Süddeutsche Zeitung’s (SZ) Claims “National Security,” Press Plays Dead".   Note the ridiculous excuse.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


"Sy Hersh's Book on Bin Laden Killing Rejects U.S. Story, Says Saudis Financed Hiding of Qaeda Leader":
"SEYMOUR HERSH: The Saudi government was funding—we got him in '06. We learned about him in 2010. We killed him—we murdered him, really, in 2011. And the Saudis, for those years didn't—the Pakistanis did not tell us, because the first person they told that they—when they got him, through the ISI in '06, and put him in Abbottabad, they may—the first people they told were the Saudis. Why? Because the Saudis paid a lot of money to the two generals, and to others, perhaps, to keep it quiet, to keep it from us. They did not want us getting to bin Laden and talking to him. And I can tell you, since I've written that—I learned that from Americans—I’ve learned from ISI people that one of the ways they move money is they send tankers to us. They send—the Saudis would send tankers of oil to the Pakistanis for resale. You can reflag any ship on the ocean. It’s an easy way to move money around. You can change ownership from Pakistani to Pakistani—from Saudi to Pakistani on the high sea.
AMY GOODMAN: Twenty seconds.
SEYMOUR HERSH: So, anyway, it’s a story we didn’t want to push too far publicly. But we actually—we were never supposed to announce the killing in Pakistan. They were supposed to take the body out, take it to the Hindu Kush mountains, and a day—a week or so later, announce that we killed him in a drone raid. And what the president did that night, because of political pressure, because of the worries about waiting a week—maybe somebody else would tell the story—he jumped ahead. It was re-election night. I guess any president would do that. But he did jump ahead. And he left Pasha and Kayani—
AMY GOODMAN: Five seconds.
SEYMOUR HERSH: He left our two generals, the two generals in charge of the bombs, hanging. Not a good thing to do."
""Horrified": Seymour Hersh Reacts to Obama's Plan to Send 250 More U.S. Special Ops Troops to Syria":
"AMY GOODMAN: Sy, were you surprised by President Obama’s announcement today in Germany?
SEYMOUR HERSH: Horrified. I just don’t think it’s the way to go. I think it’s just putting us into—you know, as you mentioned in your introduction, we’ve been doing this war against terror, against an idea, since after 9/11, you know? And how are we doing, fellas? How’s it going there? You know, has the amount of opposition to us spread? Has the hatred of America grown more intense? We are truly a very much hated country in the Middle East. And it’s partly because of the way we fight our wars—with drone attacks and a lot of force, the prisons that we did. And Abu Ghraib was just one of many prisons. And a lot of killing goes on by us, you know.
And here’s how things have changed, for me, anyway. I’m writing the same kind of stories now about this president, very critical stories, because, you know, somebody has to hold him to—you know, at least based on what I think is as good as evidence I’ve ever had in all the stories I wrote for The New York Times in the '70s. I was there for six, seven, eight years as a sort of a hotshot there in the Washington bureau. And I wrote a lot of stories, won a lot of prizes, going after the president, going after wars, going after Kissinger, writing about illegal activities. And all of a sudden, the same stories, still anonymous—I mean, I wrote them anonymously then, and I'm writing them anonymously now. And some of the people I knew then, believe it or not, are still operating now. And it’s like, we can’t do that. It’s like the American press has moved to the right, as many elements in this country, as you see, when the Sanders case has moved to the left. It’s a much more outspoken opposition to some of the things we—the way we run campaigns. And underneath that is—of those people who support Sanders, also really dislike much more intensely the wars that are going on and the lies that are being told. But, you know, times have changed."
There is no rational way to understand American actions without Yinon.  Of course Yinon is Jewish supremacism, and has nothing whatsoever to do with American national interests.

"Unravelling the mystery of the Missing Booksellers" Have the Chinese discovered a cure for Sorositis?

"Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente caught up in plagiarism scandal — again"  "Did The Globe’s Margaret Wente Plagiarize This Column, Too?"

"Human rights complaint filed against Canada Post and federal government over ‘offensive’ newspaper".  Warman's business model was wrecked when they changed the wording of human rights legislation, but he's got a new spin. It is going to cost $1000 to mail a letter in Canada as some official is going to have to vet everything that goes through the mail and chuck out everything that doesn't pass the smell test.

"New accusations of antisemitism thrown at the left are flimsy" 
Very encouraging, and long overdue, development:  "New Best Thing Yet: The Holocaust is White Privilege".

Stupid following of the script:  "The Real Reason Saudi Arabia Killed Doha".  Extremely smart: "Why the Saudi Princes are Panicked"

"Syria: Aleppo is Burning and Western Media is Silent"

"The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez: an Interview with Eva Golinger".  Leamsy Salazar.  

Part of a multi-country program by Barry, Nobel Peace Prize winner and simply the most progressive man who has ever lived:  "The Empire of Chaos Strikes Back".  While Barry stumbles around wrecking things, the Chinese build their strength through economic development:  "Eurasia Silk Road Economic Transformation"

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Human Rights Industrial Complex

"The Stories We Tell About Killing"  "Economy of Force: A Reply"  Injuns, schools or death, counter-insurgency, liberals . . . .  The US is custom-made to fall for tricks like the global war on terror and 'humanitarian intervention'.

"Zionism: Imperialism in the Age of Counter-revolution"  Zio-American counter-insurgency in Europe.

"Merkel, Obama and the death of Greece":
"Both the Greek and the Syrian catastrophe processes have a fundamental, historical importance, much wider than the importance of Greece or Syria themselves. Because both are used to destroy “Europe”. By this term we mean the overall situation, the “regime” that has prevailed in the western part of the continent since 1945, a regime characterized by a relatively democratic atmosphere and by a generalized welfare state. Such a state has indeed existed in both the “socialist” and “capitalist” parts of the continent after the 2nd World War and it represented a relative, still one of the most important historical achievements of humans and their civilization.
Many people criticize this regime as pseudo-democratic and oligarchic or for many other of its aspects. They are probably right, but that does not mean that this regime cannot be replaced by a much worse one. The Soviet Union for instance was an absolutely unacceptable structure. But the replacement of a supposedly “proletarian” dictatorship by a regime of bureaucratic-oligarchic, “cleptocratic” and sometimes clearly Mafiosi “democracy”, in 1991, (also under the supervision of the IMF) hardly can be considered as any progress. Neither the disappearance of USSR as a counterbalance to the US monopoly of world power.
By the way, the destruction of the post-War Europe, as we defined it above, is the necessary precondition for launching the new “wars of civilizations”, including the generalized war with Islam, with Russia, tomorrow with China. And vice-versa.
President Obama seems to understand what is going on in the Middle East. He was able somehow to contain the neoliberal folly unfolding there. He had even the courage to make a tactical alliance with Putin to achieve the goal of stabilizing the situation and stop the war plans against Iran, which could potentially trigger the first nuclear conflict after 1945.
But in the Middle East, Obama could mobilize a quite logical argument. After all many people, even inside the US military, the secret services and the establishment, were understanding that the wars in the Middle East after 2001 hardly are in the national interest of the United States.
With economic policy and “debt wars” things are more difficult, as the invested interests are enormous, there are huge bureaucracies, including EU and ECB, working as “disaster capitalism” agents, under the principles of Washington consensus and the neoliberal ideology. You have to be a person with the historical understanding of Helmut Schmitt or the poetic genius of Gunder Grass to understand where all this will lead. You have to study Faust, if you want to understand the mechanism by which Berlin leaders, in alliance with the international Finance, are acting to destroy Greece, Europe and, finally, Germany itself."

"Identity Politics, Racism and Confusion".  On the trickery in the attacks against Atzmon.

"Rwanda Genocide - The Israeli Connection" (Atzmon).  For such a tiny place, Israeli is remarkably over-represented in assisting the bad guys in every really awful thing that happens in the world.

"Judea Declares War Against Malia Bouattia" (Atzmon).  "Students threaten to split from NUS over new president"  "“Frivolous” lawsuit aims to reverse ASA’s Israel boycott"

"The Android Administration:  Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House, in Two Charts"

"One more scandal in the European Parliament"

"Venezuela’s Supreme Court Strikes a Blow to the Impunity of Liberal Terror"  "Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People"

"AN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex"  "“The Non-Profit Industrial Complex”, and the Co-opting of the NGO Environmental Movement"  "Playing the "Circassian card" once again"  "Warning Signs: A Contrived Macedonian Revolution on Tap"

Sunday, April 24, 2016


"9/11 Commission Chairs Issue Statement on 28 Pages"  This is funny.  One group of professional US government liars is getting tarred by the work of another group of professional US government liars.

"Palestine is latest GOP offensive in climate change wars"  Another genius move by Big Jew.  The skill, as always, is to piggyback Zionism on 0.1% interests.

"To See the Real Story in Brazil, Look at Who Is Being Installed as President — and Finance Chiefs"  "The real reason Dilma Rousseff’s enemies want her impeached"  South America, which seemed beyond hopeless for so long, has done amazingly well in recent years, so the rehopelessization process is in full force.  One problem for the bad guys is that there seems to be some fight left in the good guys. 

"Defend Brazil, Dilma!"  "Hybrid war hyenas tearing Brazil apart - Pepe Escobar"

"What Obama Shares with Assad, Russia and Yemen's Houthis – Saudi Blackmail" The Saudis have run out of leverage but don't realize it yet.  "Obama arrives in Riyadh"

"Bill O'Reilly Suggests Obama Thinks Drug Dealing Is Just Fine"  "Obama Gives a “Green Light” to the “Heroin Epidemic”"

"Why Is the Progressive Left Helping the Elite Elect Hillary? — Paul Craig Roberts"  The official way to categorize this is to label the 'progressive left' - who are neither progressive nor left - as 'liberals'.

"Ex-CIA officer to be extradited to Italy for role in Egyptian cleric kidnapping"  From 2013, and you have to wonder if hanging her out to dry is punishment for talking:  "U.S. allowed Italian kidnap prosecution to shield higher-ups, ex-CIA officer says"

"Guardian Editor Weighs in on War on Free Speech"  It is 'abusive', and thus almost instantly censored, to even mention OffGuardian in the Guardian comments.  'Abuse' is the same excuse the Toronto Star used for shutting down its comments.  Mainstream media has a terrible problem.  It circles the drain, with many readers only reading for the comments (the only section where you might hope to find truth).  Back in the day, the professional liars known as journalists could pick and choose which letters to the editor to print, but now the truth flows like a tsunami in the comments section.  When they censor the comments, the truth pops up in websites like OffGuardian.  What is to be done?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

It didn't match

"Seymour Hersh spills the secrets of Bin Laden’s execution: “He was a prisoner of war. It was a hit”" (my emphasis in red, but read the whole thing):
"I don’t know why we persist on living in the Cold War, but we do. Russia actually did a very good job. They not only did the bombing that was more effective than what we do, I think that’s fair to say. Russia also did stuff that was sort of more subtle and more interesting: they renewed the Syrian army. They took many major units of the Syrian army offline, gave them R&R and re-equipped them. Got new arms, got a couple weeks off, then they came back, got more training and became a much better army.
I think in the beginning, there’s just no question, we wanted to get rid of Bashar. I think they misread the whole resistance. Wikileaks is very good on this…there’s enough State Department documents that show that from 2003 on, we really had a policy—not very subtle, not violent, but millions of dollars given to opposition people. We certainly were not a nonpartisan foreign government inside Syria.
Our policy has always been against him [Assad]. Period.
One of the things that comes across just in the current stories about all the travails we’re having about ISIS allegedly running all these terror teams in Brussels and in the suburbs of Paris… it’s very clear, ironically, that one of the things France and Belgium (and a lot of other countries) did was after the Syrian civil war began, if you wanted to go there and fight there in 2011-2013, ‘Go, go, go… overthrow Bashar!’
So they actually pushed a lot of people to go. I don’t think they were paying for them but they certainly gave visas. And they would spend four or five months, come back and do organized crime and get in jail and next thing you know they’re killing people. There’s a real pattern there.
I do remember when the war began in 2003, our war against Baghdad, I was in Damascus working for The New Yorker then and I saw Bashar and one of the things he told me, he said, ‘Look, we’ve got a bunch of radical kids and if they want to go fight, if they want to leave the mosque here in Damascus and go fight in Baghdad, we said fine! We even gave them buses!’
So there’s always been a tremendous, Why does America do what it does? Why do we not say to the Russians, Let’s work together?"
"Let me talk to you about the sarin story [the sarin gas attack in Ghouta, a suburb near Damascus, which the U.S. government attributed to the Assad regime] because it really is in my craw.  In this article that was this long series of interviews [of Obama] by Jeff Goldberg…he says, without citing the source (you have to presume it was the president because he’s talking to him all the time) that the head of National Intelligence, General [James] Clapper, said to him very early after the [sarin] incident took place, “Hey, it’s not a slam dunk.”
You have to understand in the intelligence community—Tenet [Bush-era CIA director who infamously said Iraqi WMD was a “slam dunk”] is the one who said that about the war in Baghdad—that’s a serious comment. That means you’ve got a problem with the intelligence. As you know I wrote a story that said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs told the president that information the same day. I now know more about it.
The president’s explanation for [not bombing Syria] was that the Syrians agreed that night, rather than be bombed, they’d give up their chemical weapons arsenal, which in this article in the Atlantic, Goldberg said they [the Syrians] had never disclosed before. This is ludicrous. Lavrov [Russia’s Foreign Minister] and Kerry had talked about it for a year—getting rid of the arsenal—because it was under threat from the rebels.
The issue was not that they [the Syrians] suddenly caved in. [Before the Ghouta attack] there was a G-20 summit and Putin and Bashar met for an hour. There was an official briefing from Ben Rhodes and he said they talked about the chemical weapons issue and what to do. The issue was that Bashar couldn’t pay for it—it cost more than a billion bucks. The Russians said, ‘Hey, we can’t pay it all. Oil prices are going down and we’re hurt for money.’ And so, all that happened was we agreed to handle it. We took care of a lot of the costs of it.
Guess what? We had a ship, it was called the Cape Maid, it was parked out in the Med. The Syrians would let us destroy this stuff [the chemical weapons]… there was 1,308 tons that was shipped to the port…and we had, guess what, a forensic unit out there. Wouldn’t we like to really prove—here we have all his sarin and we had sarin from what happened in Ghouta, the UN had a team there and got samples—guess what?
It didn’t match. But we didn’t hear that. I now know it, I’m going to write a lot about it.
Guess what else we know from the forensic analysis we have (we had all the missiles in their arsenal). Nothing in their arsenal had anything close to what was on the ground in Ghouta. A lot of people I know, nobody’s going to go on the record, but the people I know said we couldn’t make a connection, there was no connection between what was given to us by Bashar and what was used in Ghouta. That to me is interesting. That doesn’t prove anything, but it opens up a door to further investigation and further questioning."
"The Killing of Osama bin Laden"  Hersh's piece from a year ago, the one he couldn't get published in the United States.

Hilarious!:  "US confused over Russia’s real intentions in Syria".  It does raise the issue whether it is just the Saudi-Turks who are resupplying the human organ eaters, or whether the Americans are involved.  Note that Hersh blames the Saudis.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Quite unusual

"Thousands of Enraged Americans Storm Washington. Media Yawns"  "When Media Shill For Saudi Money"  "A New Anti-Assad Propaganda Offensive"  "Media Ignores Jews’ Hate Rally"

"Saudi arms deal approval was illegal, lawyer argues"  Clearly, overwhelmingly illegal, and if the judicial system wasn't equally corrupt, a slam dunk argument.  Note the sheer depth and utter audacity of the corruption and lies:
"The Liberals did not campaign on cancelling the agreement, but suggested it was a “done deal” after taking office. But after Turp filed his initial application late last month, it was revealed that Dion had signed off on the export permits on April 8.
“It’s quite unusual that a government, knowing that there’s a case brought before the court, goes ahead and delivers permits when it has the knowledge that the legality of this issue was before a court,” Turp said in an interview Thursday.
"Syrian govt: 1.7 million displaced Syrian citizens returned home"  Isn't it a shame that the corrupt and stupid Euro-trash politicians didn't figure out in time that the solution to the refugee crisis was stopping a War For The Jews?

"So, Who’s the Ultimate Villain: Assad or Erdogan?"

"Scientists reveal Jewish history's forgotten Turkish roots"

"After drones: the indelible mark of America's remote control warfare"

Thursday, April 21, 2016


"Why Netanyahu is doubling down on the Golan Heights".  The American failure to protect the usual land-thieving 'interests' of Big Jew is very interesting, something new, and may be the revenge of Barry on Bibi we've been hearing about for years.

"Western Media Spin Cover for US Plan B in Syria"  Similarly, we can understand Plan B as an intentionally half-assed attempt to placate Big Jew's appetite for human suffering, the modified Yinon, while not doing enough to actually change things.

"Iran funds can go to US Beirut blast victims - Supreme Court"  Hilarious in all the toil and strife over similar lawfare efforts against the Saudis.

"The Smoking Gun: "Document 17" Links Saudi Embassy In Washington To Sept 11".  Barry needs something with which to push the Saudis around.  When he gets home this will fade away:  "Trump Claims US Government Hiding Saudi Role In 9/11".

"Obama Offers Saudi Arabia a Deal With NATO"

"Saudi Arabia Admits To John Kerry That It Created ISIS... But There Is A Twist".  ISIS is a Saudi-Turkish-Israeli-American instrument.

"Sweden minister resigns under pressure over anti-Israel remarks".  He said, seven years ago, before he was a minister: "Israelis treat Palestinians in a way that is very like that in which Jews were treated during Germany in the 1930s."

Latest color revolution:  "Playing “the Circassian card” again".

"EU’s Refugee Dilemma: “Growing Panic” on How to Change Terms of Deal with Devil"  The Euro-trash politicians seem to have thought they could do a deal with the Turks, wait for the Turks to uphold their end, and then renege on the European promises.  Of course, the Turks can easily turn the refugee tap on again.

"Here's a Full-Page Ad in Today's Wall Street Journal Denying Genocide"  "The skywriting over City Hall yesterday afternoon said: “GR8 ALLY: TURKEY,” “TURKISH TRUTH,” AND “FACTCHECK ARMENIA.” Thanks to G. for the video from which I grabbed this shot."  Taking its cue from the Saudi/Big Jew playbook, the Turks have concluded that the remedy for publicity of evil behavior is more PR.

"THE BOY BUSINESS WORLDWIDE"  Blackmail explains a lot of evil/stupid actions by politicians.  "Revealed: huge probe into ‘cover-ups’ over VIP paedophiles".  Cover-up is a necessary part of the scheme.  If the information gets out, the leverage collapses.

"DOJ Cites Bizarre Reason to Deny WhoWhatWhy Access to Tsarnaev Info"  Can't say if he's muzzled in order to protect his privacy!  Obviously, they can't allow him to say what really happened!!!

"Blind Items Revealed #3"

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Invisible Monsters

"Trump Wins Crushing Victory In New York As Narrative Shifts"  "Trump’s Front Row Jew Boys"  "‘Forward’ columnist and Emily’s List leader relate ‘gigantic,’ ‘shocking’ role of Jewish Democratic donors" (watch the video for good insider insight to the workings of the High Cabal, all within the J-Street spin that there is now a 'new' view of Israel, along with worries about 'isolationism').

"The Invisibility of U.S. Oligarchs: The Case of Penny Pritzker"

"Private equity has new competition in corporate buyouts: Chicago's uber-wealthy" "Chicago's Elders of Zion and Obama's War for Profit" "In Obama's Circle, Chicago Remains The Tie That Binds" and illustration  (also also also also also).

This fits right here:  "How The American Neoconservatives Destroyed Mankind’s Hopes For Peace — Paul Craig Roberts"

"Israel Actively “Cooperates” with the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. Military Aid Channelled into Syria out of the Golan Heights"  "Selected Articles: Israel’s Active Cooperation with ISIS and Al Qaeda"  "What’s Israel’s Role in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict?"  "How Western Intervention in Yemen Gave Al Qaeda the Upper Hand"  "Who is Behind Egypt’s “Gift” of Two Strategic Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia"

It is striking how much turns on the Muslim Brotherhood, which has always been the western tool for Middle East manipulation.

"The New Riddle of US Foreign Policy"  Actually, it is extremely simple.  Yinon, or modified Yinon.  Unable to break up Syria into Yinonesque statelets, the Jews have told Barry to continue to pour money and arms into Syria to cause as much havoc as possible, fully understanding that this human suffering is for naught.

"Washington’s Fake War on ISIS “Moves” to Libya"

"New York Daily News Editor Fired For Making It Seem Like Shaun King Was a Plagiarist"  This is quite the media conspiracy to destroy someone who makes (white) people nervous.

"Academics Urge McGraw-Hill Education to Reverse Decision to Destroy Textbook"  "Israeli Tourist Map of Jerusalem Rewrites History. Removes Palestinian Culture from the Map"

"Palestinians Are Dying, But Only Israelis are “Vulnerable” in The NY Times"  This bizarre bus incident is suspiciously like the false-flag Burgas bus bombing which was blamed on Hezbollah.

"Obama's Former Middle East Advisor: We Should Have Bombed Assad"  With all the details we have on the chemical weapon false flag this is simply absurd, and Gordon has recently sounded sane - "Former top Obama adviser slams White House’s Syria strategy" - so you have to question motives.

"Israeli Media: 20% of Russian Jews left Israel for Canada"

"Osborne Exempts “Politically Exposed Persons” From Money Laundering Checks"

"Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People"

"Nagorno-Karabakh – The Firefight Everyone Needed To Keep It Quiet" Lots of good analysis but fades at the end.

"What GOP New Yorkers just voted for: Torture, Syria Intervention, murder of innocents"  What exactly did the Hillary voters vote for?

"The alt-right is more than warmed-over white supremacy. It’s that, but way way weirder."  It is hilarious, and telling, that their hero-king is Musk, when every penny of Musk's billions is government cheese.

"The Alt Right Is Right, FEDERALIST’s Tracinski Wrong, About American History (And Donald Trump)"  The irony is that Trump might have had a chance running as a pure populist, particularly with such a spectacularly weak and crooked Democrat, had the 'alt-right' not latched onto his candidacy as a publicity stunt.

Constitutional statutory interpretation.

Symbolic headline of the year!:  "Headed to Meet Displaced People, Samantha Power’s Convoy Strikes and Kills Cameroonian Child"  Power actually cried in the grief and frustration of being able to slaughter only one child.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fake graves

"Libya Must Fall: The Fallacy of a New World Beginning":
"No one reading this report will be surprised to hear George Soros’ Open Society Foundations is neck deep in this regime change. The man who essentially got Obama elected in the first place, he and his NGO have been implicated in many political machinations. This Arizona Daily Independent opinion piece by casts a blistering light on John McCain, the aforementioned Levin, and a neocon system of levers most are aware of, but know not how to confront. I’ve not the space to go into McCain’s shady past here, but his face on crisis has been adequately established. It was the Soros connection to the defense spending champion that caught my eye.
George Soros’ gift of $100 million dollars to Human Rights Watch did not make big news back in 2010. Human Rights Watch was thrilled though. A few months later, Human Rights Watch reported on the International Criminal Court (ICC) charging both Muammar Gaddafi, and his son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi with crimes against humanity. Human Rights Watch’s position in this strategy was to validate and provide presidents for a tribunal, at least in my view. This quote from the report by HRW is telling:
“Should the court issue an arrest warrant for Gaddafi, it would not be the first warrant for a sitting head of state by an international court. In 1999, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia issued its first indictment against Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo.”
Almost immediately after ICC head prosecutor Moreno Ocampo issued an arrest warrant for the Gaddafis on 7 June 2011, 30 nations recognized the Libyan rebels of the NTC as the legitimate government of the country. A key in understanding how collusion and influence parlay uprisings is in understanding how the Open Society Foundations grants and meetups operate. Central to the legitimacy of Gadaffi’s overthrow, was the notion he was a tyrant and a killer. Legitimacy for the White House agenda comes in many forms."
"Upholding Abuse in Venezuela" HRW is upset that the ultra-right in Venezuela has been unable to absolve itself of various acts of sedition.

"Israel agrees to replace ‘pro-settlement’ Brazil ambassador"  The US got Brazil's very sloppy seconds.  Then a color revolution broke out!

A comment by DJG in the Naked Capitalism comments on the tragic Brazilian coup, a return to the generals staged by people known to be massively corrupt ostensibly based on the corruption of a woman who is known, with certainty, not to be corrupt:
"Why torture is corrupting. From the Guardian article about the impeachment vote in the chamber of deputies in Brazil:

“On a dark night, arguably the lowest point was when Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right deputy from Rio de Janeiro, dedicated his yes vote to Carlos Brilhante Ustra, the colonel who headed the Doi-Codi torture unit during the dictatorship era. Rousseff, a former guerrilla, was among those tortured. Bolsonaro’s move prompted left-wing deputy Jean Wyllys to spit towards him.
“Eduardo Bolsonaro, his son and also a deputy, used his time at the microphone to honour the general responsible for the military coup in 1964.”
And as the U.S. seeks to avoid responsibility for torture at the black sites, Bagram, Guantanamo, and elsewhere, the same corruption undermines the government and enables the most immoral politicians."
"What the election results tell about the reality of war-torn Syria":
"The voter participation rate is key to this election, more important than the individual candidates who were elected. Here’s why: you need to understand elections in a constitutionally-created state, in which one party dominates, in terms of a strike vote in a trade union. It demonstrates continuing confidence in  the leadership at a turning point in the struggle. A union would not be satisfied with a strike vote of 58%, going into a strike. And probably the Syrian government would have wished for a higher rate going into the negotiations at Geneva. But it knew from the start that holding the elections under the conditions of war and occupation was a gamble, because there are a lot of eligible voters  living outside of Syria right now, living in places besieged by the terrorists, and who have died but not yet been accounted for. Taking into account these factors, the participation rate would probably have been much higher.
Among our solidarity delegation, we have been pleased that the Syrian authorities did not try to inflate the figures to make the election results appear better than they actually were: it reinforces our contention that the Syrian government is a credible force in the serious negotiations ahead."
"‘Fake Jewish graves in Muslim cemeteries’: UNESCO slams Israeli occupation of Palestinian sites"

"She’ll make Iran, Syria worse: What the media won’t tell you about our foreign policy — and how hawkish Hillary will pour the kerosene"

"In Praise of James Petras":
"Petras shows how the US government is to some degree a private tool for advancing Jewish interests. He points, for example, to the position of Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence within the US Treasury Department, filled by Stuart Levey. Showing his sense of caustic humor, he notes who followed Levey: “Levey’s successor, David Cohen (who else!) followed the same policy.” The result was that  “Multi-national banks and corporations, which had corrupted officials, swindled investors, evaded taxes and laundered illicit funds were never investigated, let alone charged. Cohen devoted his time and effort, at Israel’s behest, enforcing sanctions against Iran and endeavoring to sabotage any US.-Iran nuclear negotiations.”"
"The Killer Hiding in the CDC Map"  This is great for a number of reasons.

Monday, April 18, 2016


"Boy On Burning Deck – What The USS Donald Cook And The Polish Navy Were Doing Off Kaliningrad When They Were Buzzed By The Russian Airforce".  The unasked question.

"Iraq Government Collapse Likely as a Rump Parliament Calls for Resignations"  So let me get this straight - neither Iran nor the United States wants to see the collapse of the current Iraqi government, yet it is going to happen anyway?

"The Boston Bombing Anniversary: A Legacy of Unanswered Questions"  So many problems, but the spook-connected uncle might be a good palace to start.  It is a small world, but it is not that small.

"Another Victim of the Panama Papers: Pacific Self-Determination" (Madsen).  The most likely scenario remains that this is the 'high-class' tax crook business squeezing out the bargain basement operations.

Some humor:  "UK ministers humiliated after Cayman and BVI leaders repeatedly ignore requests for meetings"

"Hong Kong Gets New US-backed Party"  Creating Hong Kong instability as a weapon against China.

"What’s behind Egyptian Protests over Islands given to Saudi Arabia?" Sounds like the CIA's analysis.

Letter from Charles E. Grassley to Hil concerning how much intelligence damage was caused by the combo of Guccifer's hacking and Hil's low security standards.

"Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections"

"Israeli Gov’t Meets in Golan Heights, Extolls Conquest"  If international law allows Jews to keep land they have stolen, presumably international law will have nothing to say when the whole of Israel is reconquered and returned to its rightful owners. 

"Murdered Palestinian Teen’s Uncle Beaten in Jerusalem — Accuses Police of Inaction"

"Meet Andriy Parubiy, the Neo-Nazi Leader Turned Speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament"  "Swastika cake found at Loblaws in South Keys!!!"

"Trump vs. Trump: Inside Toronto's 5-star tower struggle".  Toronto has a chip on its shoulder making it easy pickings for a grifter like Trump.

"UC Davis pepper-spray officer awarded $38,000" Moral hazard is when you consistently reward people for doing bad things.

This is a good thread on the Ray Gricar disappearance.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"We are proud of that!"

"How America backed the ISIS Takeover and Destruction of Palmyra"

"Clinton Lied - Benghazi Attack Was Part Of A Larger Operation"  "It is now clear. HC and Rice knew the truth..."

"Evidence Points to the CIA Targeting Assad, Not Daesh in Syria"

"Dramatic Turn in Brussels Glyphosate Battle":  "Hooray for those of us who wish to live."

"Martin Luther: Reformer, man of God, antisemite"

"Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its Treasury Holdings If Congress Probes Its Role In Sept 11 Attacks":
"... their actual composition remains as a secret, because while the US discloses the explicit Treasury holdings of all other nations, Saudi Arabia's holdings, for some unknown reason, are not officially disclosed.
"It’s a secret of the vast U.S. Treasury market, a holdover from an age of oil shortages and mighty petrodollars," Bloomberg wrote of Saudi Arabia’s US Treasury holdings.
"As a matter of policy, the Treasury has never disclosed the holdings of Saudi Arabia, long a key ally in the volatile Middle East, and instead groups it with 14 other mostly OPEC nations including Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria,” Bloomberg goes on to note, adding that the rules are different for almost everyone else. Although Saudi Arabia's "secret" is protected by "an unusual blackout by the U.S. Treasury Department," for more than a hundred other countries, from China to the Vatican, the Treasury provides a detailed breakdown of how much U.S. debt each holds."
So who does know how much US paper the Saudis are sitting on? Well, the Saudis of course,"a handful of Treasury officials," and some bureaucrats at the Fed, Bloomberg says, noting that “for everyone else, it’s a guessing game.""
American judges don't pay the slightest mind to international law and sovereign immunity, but that is not enough for the lawfare crowd.

"MSM Catches up on The Power of Internet Giants"

"Putin’s secret army: Russian president is accused of building ‘battle groups’ trained in close combat who are ready for operations in western Europe"

"Kremlin Apologizes for Linking Goldman Sachs to Leaks Newspaper"

"Jewish Lobby Mum on Israeli Segregation"  Of course, the white haters see Jewish institutionalized racism as a role model, while decrying the blatant hypocrisy in the Jews attacking racism in the parasite-ridden countries.

""We're proud of that!" You are?"

"How Israeli propagandists lied when they said that an Israeli firm was able to break into the security protection of the iPhone"  This is backwards - the usual Jewish supremacist gloating let the cat out of the bag, so the FBI had to create a counter story to hide the fact that all phones are subject to Israeli surveillance.

The worries of the Clintonistas:  "I am worried about Hillary Clinton again".  Those Goldman Sachs transcripts must be something!

"Crisis in Brazil"  "5 Things You Really Need to Know About the Plot to Oust Brazil’s President Roussef"

The inevitable ratfucking:  "Is anti-BDS group Sawtona impersonating Palestinians?"  BDS is the stage for the great 'left'-wing Zionist versus right-wing Zionist battle.  "That visitor’s IP address could be traced back to the city of Bat Yam in present-day Israel – not to Nablus or Ramallah, as Salem had variously claimed his location to be."

Nakba research has been a pain in the ass, so:  "The end of history at Israel's state archives?"

Every once in a while evidence appears of slight honesty on the judiciary:  "Protesters who blockaded London arms trade fair acquitted after judge sees evidence of illegal weapons on sale"  "DSEI arms fair trade protesters cleared as judge rules they were stopping 'greater crime'"  "Activists acquitted over blocking arms fair to ‘prevent war crimes’"

Friday, April 15, 2016

Who would you save first?

"‘Yats’ Is No Longer the Guy" (Parry; my emphasis in red):
"Though Nuland’s phone call introduced many Americans to the previously obscure Yatsenyuk, its timing – a few weeks before the ouster of elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych – was never helpful to Washington’s desired narrative of the Ukrainian people rising up on their own to oust a corrupt leader.
Instead, the conversation between Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt sounded like two proconsuls picking which Ukrainian politicians would lead the new government. Nuland also disparaged the less aggressive approach of the European Union with the pithy put-down: “Fuck the E.U.!”
More importantly, the intercepted call, released onto YouTube in early February 2014, represented powerful evidence that these senior U.S. officials were plotting – or at least collaborating in – a coup d’etat against Ukraine’s democratically elected president. So, the U.S. government and the mainstream U.S. media have since consigned this revealing discussion to the Great Memory Hole.
On Monday, in reporting on Yatsenyuk’s Sunday speech in which he announced that he is stepping down, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal didn’t mention the Nuland-Pyatt conversation at all.
The New York Times did mention the call but misled its readers regarding its timing, making it appear as if the call followed rather than preceded the coup. That way the call sounded like two American officials routinely appraising Ukraine’s future leaders, not plotting to oust one government and install another.
The Times article by Andrew E. Kramer said: “Before Mr. Yatsenyuk’s appointment as prime minister in 2014, a leaked recording of a telephone conversation between Victoria J. Nuland, a United States assistant secretary of state, and the American ambassador in Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, seemed to underscore the West’s support for his candidacy. ‘Yats is the guy,’ Ms. Nuland had said.”
Notice, however, that if you didn’t know that the conversation occurred in late January or early February 2014, you wouldn’t know that it preceded the Feb. 22, 2014 coup. You might have thought that it was just a supportive chat before Yatsenyuk got his new job.
You also wouldn’t know that much of the Nuland-Pyatt conversation focused on how they were going to “glue this thing” or “midwife this thing,” comments sounding like prima facie evidence that the U.S. government was engaged in “regime change” in Ukraine, on Russia’s border.
But Kramer’s lack of specificity about the timing and substance of the call fits with a long pattern of New York Times’ bias in its coverage of the Ukraine crisis. On Jan. 4, 2015, nearly a year after the U.S.-backed coup, the Times published an “investigation” article declaring that there never had been a coup. It was just a case of President Yanukovych deciding to leave and not coming back.
That article reached its conclusion, in part, by ignoring the evidence of a coup, including the Nuland-Pyatt phone call. The story was co-written by Kramer and so it is interesting to know that he was at least aware of the “Yats is the guy” reference although it was ignored in last year’s long-form article.
Instead, Kramer and his co-author Andrew Higgins took pains to mock anyone who actually looked at the evidence and dared reach the disfavored conclusion about a coup. If you did, you were some rube deluded by Russian propaganda."
"The "color revolution" world tour."

"Ukraine: One Jewish Prime Minister succeeds another" Yats played it down in deference to the Nazis - no need to rub their faces in it - but the new guy is loud and proud.

"The dark side of Guardian comments"  "End free speech and save the minorities! (will anyone really fall for this?)"  Comments are deeply embarrassing to modern 'journalism' for the simple reason that they reveal all the lies, so an excuse to stop them is required.  It's a real bitch when some stooge spends hours crafting some dodgy spin for warmongering and/or inequality and some anonymous prole shreds the thing in five lines of comment.

"Matthew Keys Gets 2 Years In Jail For 40 Minute Web Defacement He Didn't Even Commit":  ". . . there's already difficulty in figuring out what news is real . . . ."

"Michael Hudson: Pamama – Laundering Haven for War Budgets"  Hudson is always excellent:
"Well, the solution is to tax companies on their worldwide earnings. If you know that a U.S. company like Standard Oil, Exxon now, makes X billion dollars earnings, you simply rule that it doesn’t matter whether you declare these in Panama or the United States. We’re going to treat the income that you declare from your Panamanian shipping company as if it is earned in the United States, and we’re going to tax it at the U.S. rate.
However, this explains why there’s not going to be a solution to money laundering. If you would solve the money laundering problem and tax companies and their worldwide earnings, you would tax Apple on all the income that it makes tax exempt in Ireland by using Ireland as a tax avoidance center, you would take on the largest vested interests in the United States – oil, gas and monopolies.
I don’t think any politician is strong enough to attract campaign contributions from these main contributors and at the same time really push to tax them. They’re going to go after the little guy who is trying to walk through the loopholes that the oil industry created a century ago. But it’s hard to go after the little guy and the small tax evaders without catching the big fish. And the big fish are the biggest corporations in the United States.
That’s why the problem is not going to be solved. It won’t be solved largely because the United States wants to support the dollar by attracting all of this crooked money, just like England wants to support sterling by making itself the flight capital center for all of the biggest criminals in the world, from the Russian kleptocrats to African dictators and Asian money launderers.
The whole financial system basically has been criminalized in the process of being militarized, to subsidize the fact that countries like the United States and Britain have heavy military budgets. This is how they finance their military budget – with money laundering by the world’s criminal class. The byproduct is to leave the largest companies tax exempt, from Apple to Exxon, right down the line."
You can see how the really big players might we willing to throw a few rich people under the bus in order to keep the most important parts of the rigged system.

"Putin Sees U.S., Goldman Sachs Behind Leak of Panama Papers"


"Washington Post Lies to Justify Intervention in Venezuela"  Maduro hasn't been the greatest political leader, but he seems to be rising to the occasion.

"The Curious Story Of The Chinese Tycoon Found "Chopped Up Into 100 Pieces" In A Vancouver Mansion"

"When two Israel bureau chiefs of the New York Times talked about Zionism"

A stunt to win Jew York (do we forgive him if it works?):  "Bernie Sanders Suspends Staffer for Criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu".

Avaaz:  "Duping Progressives into Wars".  Sorositis and an interesting description of the internationalist 'humanitarian' asshole class.  The best business is causing massive suffering while feeling good about yourself.

""If Erdogan and Poroshenko were drowning, who would you save first?" Vignette from Direct Line 2016"

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hoax plot

"Is David Cameron Getting Punished by Jew Inc?"  Cameron is an anomaly on the list, the only prominent criminal who isn't an obvious American intelligence target.  It is probably more of a warning than a punishment.

"Poroshenko Comments on the Transfer Of "Roshen" to the Rothschilds"

"The Implosion of the House of Saud" (Escobar):
"The CIA believes the House of Saud to be the chief sponsors of global terrorism. But that’s not true. Most of these terror ops are 21st century remixes of Operation Gladio. And that implies the hand of NATO/Pentagon. This disconnect partially explains why the Pentagon and the CIA are at each other’s throats.
It’s still unclear which US intel faction will eventually prevail in Riyadh – and that may further change depending on who will be the tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next year.
For the moment, quite a few influential players are fond of imagining an astonishing House of Saudi fortune, including Thousand-and-One nights-style assets of the extended royal family, all frozen overseas, from the US to Panama. With the inevitable corollary of thousands of princes lining up for cab driver jobs in London and New York."

I doubt the CIA is incompetent enough to believe that the goofball Saudi princes are doing what the CIA and Pentagon are actually doing.

"How an Iran War Was Averted":
". . . the NIE of November 2007, endorsed by all 16 agencies of the Intelligence Community began: “We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.”
That Estimate holds the distinction of being the only NIE of which I am aware that demonstrably played a key role in preventing an unnecessary war – the war on Iran that Cheney and Bush were planning for 2008. Bush pretty much admits this in his memoir Decision Points, which includes a highly instructive section that he must have written himself.
Indeed, nowhere in his memoir is Bush’s bizarre relationship to truth so manifest as when he describes his dismay at learning that the Intelligence Community had redeemed itself for its lies about Iraq by preparing an honest NIE that stuck a rod in the wheels of the juggernaut rolling toward war with Iran.
Bush complains bitterly that the “eye-popping” NIE “tied my hands on the military side,” adding that the “NIE’s conclusion was so stunning that I felt it would immediately leak to the press.” He writes that he authorized declassification of the key findings “so that we could shape the news stories with the facts.” Facts?
A disappointed Bush writes, “The backlash was immediate. [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad hailed the NIE as a ‘great victory.’” Bush’s apparent “logic” here is to use the widespread disdain for Ahmadinejad to discredit the NIE through association, i.e. whatever Ahmadinejad praises must be false.
How embarrassing it must have been for Bush and Cheney! Here before the world were the key judgments of an NIE, the most authoritative genre of intelligence report, unanimously approved “with high confidence” by 16 U.S. intelligence agencies and signed by the Director of National Intelligence, saying, in effect, that Bush and Cheney were lying about the “Iranian nuclear threat.” Just a month before the Estimate was issued, Bush was claiming that the threat from Iran could lead to “World War III.”
In his memoir, Bush laments: “I don’t know why the NIE was written the way it was. … Whatever the explanation, the NIE had a big impact — and not a good one.” Spelling out how the NIE had tied his hands “on the military side,” Bush included this kicker:
“But after the NIE, how could I possible explain using the military to destroy the nuclear facilities of a country the intelligence community said had no active nuclear weapons program?”"
"A Hoax Plot, Cloaked in a Ukrainian Interview".  The deep philosophical question is how would you distinguish a hoax interview from the usual crap that you read in the NYT?

"Was the father of presidential hopeful Cruz involved in the JFK assassination?" (Madsen).  Draft dodging as well.

"Alan Dershowitz says that Ted Cruz was one of his most brilliant students"

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vanishing acts

"Trump “the Fascist”" (Petras):  "In fact, the ‘fascist’ disruption of democratic freedoms seems to be mostly organized and practiced by his political rivals."  Barry - the most progressive man who has ever lived - is deporting people so fast there isn't going to be anyone left for Trump.  And the attempts to pretend to get Mexico to pay for the 'Wall' are going to be hilarious.

"Everyone says the Libya intervention was a failure. They’re wrong.":
"Critics erroneously compare Libya today to any number of false ideals, but this is not the correct way to evaluate the success or failure of the intervention. To do that, we should compare Libya today to what Libya would have looked like if we hadn’t intervened. By that standard, the Libya intervention was successful: The country is better off today than it would have been had the international community allowed dictator Muammar Qaddafi to continue his rampage across the country."
Even by Vox standards this is amazingly, mind-bogglingly, stupid, and I can only surmise wheelbarrows of shekels were involved (note the Saban involvement).

"Soft Coup In Libya Causes Meltdown, Breakup"

"FBI paid professional hackers one-time fee to crack San Bernardino iPhone" They need to quickly cover up the fact which wasn't supposed to leak out that the Israelis have a back door in everybody's phone, and corrupted politicians let this happen.

"Israel's founders massacred Palestinian civilians after signing a pact with them"  It is what they do.

"Review of David Cesarani’s “Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews, 1933–49” — Part Four of Five":
"As I closed my introduction to this review, I noted that the only genuine mystery attached to the Jewish fate during World War II was that there should ever have been anything mysterious attributed to it at all. I may have been a little rash. You see, in more ways than one, “the Holocaust” as a cultural concept has performed one of the greatest vanishing acts in history — the disappearance of the Jews as active participants in a war that certainly took place between 1939 and 1945, but which began long before and continues until the present. Examining the thousands upon thousands of histories of World War II, one would get the impression that there was not only one war, but also only one aggressor. Quite how and why “the Jews” leave the historical stage as belligerents in 1939, when the preceding six years had witnessed them engaging in international propaganda wars, political manoeuvring, and targeted assassinations in several European countries, has been surprisingly overlooked."
"George Soros Warns Europe: Absorb 500k Refugees Costing $34Bn, Or Risk "Existential Threat""

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

'Terrorist' ID

"Iconic Photo of Shortage-Ridden Venezuelan Supermarket Taken in New York"  "Putin Leaked ‘Panama Papers’ as Part of Plan to Smear Himself, Blackmail Western Leaders, Says US Think Tank" "Michael Oren: Sanders should apologize for Gaza ‘blood libel’" "If you’re Jewish, don’t vote for Bernie Sanders"

"Intelligence agents planted not just one, but two “magic suitcases” designed to incriminate Mohamed Atta"

"The West’s Terrorist “Catch and Release” Program":
"ISIS, its counterparts, and peripheral groups like NATO’s Grey Wolves, serve multiple roles for the West. They are a pretext to invade and occupy foreign nations, a proxy army to wage war against its enemies with, and a means of maintaining fear and obedience at home under the auspices of an increasing police state. It is difficult to believe the West could maintain its current foreign and domestic policy without this menace – it has become an integral part of Western geopolitical strategy."
"Thomas Mulcair loses bid to hold on to NDP leadership"

"Halifax Chronicle Herald retracts refugee story after public outcry":
"The story’s heady cocktail of refugee politics, ineffectual bureaucrats, and whiffs of schoolyard jihad and religious imperialism proved irresistible to websites that traffic in anti-Muslim sentiment – such as those belonging to commentator Ezra Levant, whose upstart Rebel Media outlet has been one of the most persistent critics of the federal government’s Syrian refugee policy, and Pamela Geller, the New York-based activist whose star rose with her successful campaign against the so-called Ground Zero Mosque."

"Hybrid Wars and “Color Revolutions” in the Central Asian Heartland: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan: Part 3" by Andrew Korybko.  The US State Department is a very busy place.

"The Nagorno-Karabakh Story the US Does Not Want You to Know"

"Second Russian intelligence report on Turkey’s current assistance to Daesh"

A heavy cost for Europeans when their Eurotrash 'leaders' acquiesce to American neocon warmongering:  "The EU’s “suicide by reality denial”"

"Kiev Junta is Preparing to Shoot Down Planes Over Crimea"  But it is inconceivable that these same people might have had anything to do with MH-17.

Shell companies for good:  "Panama Papers: How the Seychelles saved Syria"

Friendly fire or fragging?:  "CIA’s Putin Smear Becomes Banana Skin for Cameron".  Of course, if any politician with a similar shell company issue gets out of line, they can expect a similar 'leak'.

F-i-n-a-l-l-y:"  "1st delivery of Russian S-300 air defense system arrives in Iran - Iranian FM"

"Israel's Friends Against the First Amendment"

Monday, April 11, 2016

WWIII Begins

"Lies of the Beholder: Biden Congratulates Ukraine for “Success” as Prime Minister Resigns Over “Artificially Created” Crisis".  Trouble in paradise.  It appears that the Panama stunt enraged Poroshenko, who saw it, probably correctly, as an attack on him by World Jewry.  Remember that the 'hypothetical Jew' Yats was Nudelman-Kagan's chosen operative.  The overwhelming results of the Dutch referendum - which none of the Euro-trash politicians intends to pay the slightest attention to, and why should they without the moral discipline of first past the post? - didn't help Yat's rapidly waning position.

"Is this the beginning of the end for Gen. Sisi? The regime is experiencing his "We all are Khalid Said" moment"  "Egypt to give Saudi Arabia two Red Sea islands"  This looks like a gift to the Saudis but is actually a gift to Israel, as it legitimizes Israel's occupation of the islands, done through the American-controlled Multinational Force Observers, which Israel uses to prevent blockage of the connection from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Red Sea.  This is thus a massive Egyptian strategic concession, the kind of 'minor detail' that will come back to haunt Egypt one day.  The bribes from World Jewry to Sisi must have been equally massive.

"Boston Globe Anti-Trump Scaremongering: He Would Continue Obama Policies"  If they had done one of these for Hillary - and, of course, they wouldn't - the above-the-fold headline would have been "WWIII Begins!".  Under it would have been a picture of a laughing Hillary shaking the hand of a grinning Bibi.  "Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?"

"Obama Cites Lack of `Day After' Plan in Libya as Biggest Mistake"  Of course Yinon means the lack of a plan is the plan.

"Abortion & White Nationalism"  Ethnic cleansing.

"28 Pages"  "Pelosi Calls for Declassification of Redacted Portions of 9/11 Joint Inquiry Report"  The hint is that the 28 pages contain the evidence that the Saudis did 9/11 - utterly untrue, as we all know it was an American government inside job - and these 28 pages come up whenever the Americans want some sort of diplomatic concession from the Saudi government.

"Panama Papers Mossack Fonseca Tally":  "Released to date: .00173%".  Appropriately starts with funding totals by the various criminal organizations supporting the hilariously monikered 'Center for Public Integrity'.