Sunday, April 10, 2016


"The Jewish-Israeli navel-gazers".  Odd to see a discussion of lite Zionist supremacism in Mondoweiss.

"Is Hillary Clinton ‘Qualified’?"  She's disastrously wrong about everything, always, in a remarkably consistent manner.

"The Panama Papers: The People Deceived"  The rogues gallery at the Centre For Public Integrity.

"The Panama Papers: Why Iceland?" Arrrr.

"The French Malaise: ''National security'' but for which nation?":
"Israel is the only foreign state to have bombed France since the German occupation of the Second World War, a terror campaign admitted by the Zionist entity's government, yet Israeli companies are providing 'security' for French citizens."
"Panama Canard: The ”crimes” of France’s enemies":
"In 1892, another major scandal involving Panama rocked Paris, when it was revealed that the French government- in order to cover up the bankruptcy of their canal project in Panama- had accepted bribes from the industrialists involved.  The French political climate became particularly anti-Semitic when the newspaper La Libre Parole (Free Speech) began to publish all of the names of the financiers involved in the cover up- most of whom were Jewish. Given what we now know about those financing the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, France’s Zionist ruling class have nothing to fear this time round."
"Will the U.S. Go to Nuclear War Over Kobe or Pusan?" Every second column or so written by 'Margolis' seems to be written by a neocon.  I think the warmongers have kidnapped the original 'Margolis' and replaced him.

"CIA’s Work With Filmmakers Puts All Media Workers at Risk" Note that FAIR manages to include some obvious CIA propaganda in this article, so good intentions (I guess), but zero stars for execution.
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