Saturday, April 30, 2016

Judas Corbyn

"Corbyn's Labour is not a Party, More Like Occupied Territory" by Gilad Atzmon:
"For years I have suggested that the Left is Jewish by proxy, but Corbyn’s Labour exceeds the realm of proxy.  Corbyn’s Labour is now unequivocally a spineless club of Sabbos Goyim.  The Labour party’s policies are now compatible with Jewish culture: intolerant to the core and concerned primarily with the imaginary suffering of one people only. These people are not the working class, they are probably the most privileged ethnic group in Britain.  Corbyn’s Labour is a Zionist Occupied Territory.
I should be happy with the current development. It proves my theses that the Left is not a friend to Palestine, the oppressed or the workless people.
I would have never believed that Jeremy Corbyn would engage in such colossally treacherous politics. I did not anticipate that Corbyn would become a Zionist lapdog.  Corbyn was a great hope to many of us. I guess that the time has come to accept that The Left is a dead concept, it has nothing to offer. Thedissent to Global capitalism and Zio-con barbarism should take a different shape. "
"Labour Has A Jewish Problem; it is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs" by Gilad Atzmon:
"If anyone had so far failed to notice the corrosive impact of Jewish power and Jewish political lobbying, it is now all out in the open.
Thanks to the Jewish Lobby and Jewish donors, the Labour Party is not a free place. It is intolerant, it is oppressive, it is an occupied territory. It cares for one people only and these people are not the working class. They are, practically speaking, a bunch of Jewish oligarchs, by far the most privileged people on this planet."
"UK Labour Party in Grip of Zionist Inquisition" by Stuart Littlewood

Corybn has been fighting a battle on two fronts, World Jewry and the Blairite traitors in his own party, but he seemed to have the courage to deal with both.  What happened?  He doesn't seem like the type to take bribes (but 'every man has his price'). Did the Jews unearth some flaw in his life and are blackmailing him?

What Corbyn did is the most vile thing a human being can do.  We've reached levels of evil that are simply unforgivable.  Not only does he destroy good, moral human beings, he scares other good, moral human beings into silence, and worst of all, gives credence to the monstrous Jewish plan to build an empire on mythological hatred.

I suppose the positive in this is that Corbyn's halo has been permanently removed.  Judas had the decency to repent and hang himself.
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