Friday, April 22, 2016

Quite unusual

"Thousands of Enraged Americans Storm Washington. Media Yawns"  "When Media Shill For Saudi Money"  "A New Anti-Assad Propaganda Offensive"  "Media Ignores Jews’ Hate Rally"

"Saudi arms deal approval was illegal, lawyer argues"  Clearly, overwhelmingly illegal, and if the judicial system wasn't equally corrupt, a slam dunk argument.  Note the sheer depth and utter audacity of the corruption and lies:
"The Liberals did not campaign on cancelling the agreement, but suggested it was a “done deal” after taking office. But after Turp filed his initial application late last month, it was revealed that Dion had signed off on the export permits on April 8.
“It’s quite unusual that a government, knowing that there’s a case brought before the court, goes ahead and delivers permits when it has the knowledge that the legality of this issue was before a court,” Turp said in an interview Thursday.
"Syrian govt: 1.7 million displaced Syrian citizens returned home"  Isn't it a shame that the corrupt and stupid Euro-trash politicians didn't figure out in time that the solution to the refugee crisis was stopping a War For The Jews?

"So, Who’s the Ultimate Villain: Assad or Erdogan?"

"Scientists reveal Jewish history's forgotten Turkish roots"

"After drones: the indelible mark of America's remote control warfare"
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