Wednesday, April 27, 2016

She ran back in the building

I'm thinking they should have left Barry at home and just sent his teleprompter, and then the two teleprompters could have done some diplomacy:
"Foreign leaders visiting King Salman of Saudi Arabia have noticed that there is a large flower display positioned just in front of where the 80-year-old monarch sits. On closer investigation, the visitors realised that the purpose of the flowers is to conceal a computer which acts as a teleprompter, enabling the King to appear capable of carrying on a coherent conversation about important issues.
One visiting US delegation meeting with King Salman recently observed a different method of convincing visitors – or at least television viewers watching the encounter – that he can deal with the escalating crises facing Saudi Arabia. The king did not look at the group but at a giant television screen hanging from the ceiling of the room on which was appearing prompts. Simon Henderson, the Saudi expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, who tells the story, writes that off to one side in the room was an aide who “furiously hammered talking points into a keyboard”."

Note the ubiquity of the standard Zio-American lie that the Saudis actually can control oil prices, an idea that might have been arguable months ago but which experience has proven to be laughable: "Obama Blowback & Saudi Arabia's "Real Nuclear Option"".  Without the demand it is like pushing a noodle.  Of course, the new American producers are all technically insolvent, but continue to produce to allow the banks to keep these loans on their books as performing, thus preventing the entire American banking system from collapsing (again, and too big to fail is going to be a hard sell this time for the usual wealth extraction from the 99%).  This situation is so awful that nobody can say it out loud.

"Relocate Israel To USA"  One way or another, this is inevitable.

"‘NYT’ manages to make childhood detention story work for Israel"  "Apologists for Israel, Touted in The NY Times"

"Pentagon adopts Israeli tactic in bombing ISIS".  Yet more pure unadulterated Zionist propaganda from the Jew-controlled media, but the ending is funny:
"Initially the U.S. believed that the knock operation had worked to save the woman inside that the U.S. had observed.
Despite the fact that "the men that were in that building -- multiple men -- literally trampled over her to get out of that building," according to Gersten, she was able to get out herself.
He continued, "We watched her and observed her leaving the building. And she cleared the building, and we began to process the strike."
But then, he said, she ran back in the building.
It was "very difficult for us to watch, and it was within the final seconds of the actual impact," Gersten recalled.
There is video of the entire incident but it's unlikely to be released by the Pentagon because it shows a civilian being killed, according to a defense official."

"The conservative media’s obsession with Hillary Clinton’s coughing"  Actually, the story is the complete and total lack of concern amongst 'progressives' for what is a rather alarming and repeating phenomenon.  "Bernie Sanders Won’t Drop Out, Here’s Why"  We're literally at the point where the only hope for America and humanity is if she drops dead.  Also, it is simply hil-arious that all the usual voices that whine constantly about massive, overwhelming vote fraud, and massive, overwhelming voter suppression, by Republicans, have gone completely silent.

The Clinton ratfucking is relentless:  "The Trolls, the Political Operative, and the Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pro-Bernie Facebook Groups"

"Why people in the West still believe the official lies about Syria?"  Note that the root cause for the depression that is causing so many problems is Wars For The Jews.

"Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist Resigns After Paper Banned Him From Writing About Owner Sheldon Adelson".  He bought the paper so he could do what he wanted without press coverage.

"The Return of the Coup in Latin America" "The Constitutional Coup-Color Revolution Two-Step in Brazil"

I've never believed the early bin Laden death story - an internet rumor for which there is literally zero evidence - as I believe his supporters would have made a big thing about his 'martydom'.  In any event, making Hersh into a CIA asset for failing to believe it is ridiculous.  Hersh's claims regarding the murder are so damning for so many parts of the American establishment that they do not meet the profile of a limited hangout.

Good summary of the current Euro-trash obsession with protecting the Caliph's thin skin:  "The Erdogan Insult Mess: Dutch Reporter, German Politician Arrested For Mocking Erdogan; Swiss Art Exhibit Targeted Too".  Here's what they get for it:  "Turkish border guards 'shoot eight Syrian refugees dead' including women and children trying to reach safety".

Tweet (Cryptome):
"Main fault of limited Snowden releases is ample time, cover for replacements. Unclear if that's compacted complicity, aped by Panama Papers."
"Panama Papers: Süddeutsche Zeitung’s (SZ) Claims “National Security,” Press Plays Dead".   Note the ridiculous excuse.
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