Thursday, April 21, 2016


"Why Netanyahu is doubling down on the Golan Heights".  The American failure to protect the usual land-thieving 'interests' of Big Jew is very interesting, something new, and may be the revenge of Barry on Bibi we've been hearing about for years.

"Western Media Spin Cover for US Plan B in Syria"  Similarly, we can understand Plan B as an intentionally half-assed attempt to placate Big Jew's appetite for human suffering, the modified Yinon, while not doing enough to actually change things.

"Iran funds can go to US Beirut blast victims - Supreme Court"  Hilarious in all the toil and strife over similar lawfare efforts against the Saudis.

"The Smoking Gun: "Document 17" Links Saudi Embassy In Washington To Sept 11".  Barry needs something with which to push the Saudis around.  When he gets home this will fade away:  "Trump Claims US Government Hiding Saudi Role In 9/11".

"Obama Offers Saudi Arabia a Deal With NATO"

"Saudi Arabia Admits To John Kerry That It Created ISIS... But There Is A Twist".  ISIS is a Saudi-Turkish-Israeli-American instrument.

"Sweden minister resigns under pressure over anti-Israel remarks".  He said, seven years ago, before he was a minister: "Israelis treat Palestinians in a way that is very like that in which Jews were treated during Germany in the 1930s."

Latest color revolution:  "Playing “the Circassian card” again".

"EU’s Refugee Dilemma: “Growing Panic” on How to Change Terms of Deal with Devil"  The Euro-trash politicians seem to have thought they could do a deal with the Turks, wait for the Turks to uphold their end, and then renege on the European promises.  Of course, the Turks can easily turn the refugee tap on again.

"Here's a Full-Page Ad in Today's Wall Street Journal Denying Genocide"  "The skywriting over City Hall yesterday afternoon said: “GR8 ALLY: TURKEY,” “TURKISH TRUTH,” AND “FACTCHECK ARMENIA.” Thanks to G. for the video from which I grabbed this shot."  Taking its cue from the Saudi/Big Jew playbook, the Turks have concluded that the remedy for publicity of evil behavior is more PR.

"THE BOY BUSINESS WORLDWIDE"  Blackmail explains a lot of evil/stupid actions by politicians.  "Revealed: huge probe into ‘cover-ups’ over VIP paedophiles".  Cover-up is a necessary part of the scheme.  If the information gets out, the leverage collapses.

"DOJ Cites Bizarre Reason to Deny WhoWhatWhy Access to Tsarnaev Info"  Can't say if he's muzzled in order to protect his privacy!  Obviously, they can't allow him to say what really happened!!!

"Blind Items Revealed #3"
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