Tuesday, April 12, 2016

'Terrorist' ID

"Iconic Photo of Shortage-Ridden Venezuelan Supermarket Taken in New York"  "Putin Leaked ‘Panama Papers’ as Part of Plan to Smear Himself, Blackmail Western Leaders, Says US Think Tank" "Michael Oren: Sanders should apologize for Gaza ‘blood libel’" "If you’re Jewish, don’t vote for Bernie Sanders"

"Intelligence agents planted not just one, but two “magic suitcases” designed to incriminate Mohamed Atta"

"The West’s Terrorist “Catch and Release” Program":
"ISIS, its counterparts, and peripheral groups like NATO’s Grey Wolves, serve multiple roles for the West. They are a pretext to invade and occupy foreign nations, a proxy army to wage war against its enemies with, and a means of maintaining fear and obedience at home under the auspices of an increasing police state. It is difficult to believe the West could maintain its current foreign and domestic policy without this menace – it has become an integral part of Western geopolitical strategy."
"Thomas Mulcair loses bid to hold on to NDP leadership"

"Halifax Chronicle Herald retracts refugee story after public outcry":
"The story’s heady cocktail of refugee politics, ineffectual bureaucrats, and whiffs of schoolyard jihad and religious imperialism proved irresistible to websites that traffic in anti-Muslim sentiment – such as those belonging to commentator Ezra Levant, whose upstart Rebel Media outlet has been one of the most persistent critics of the federal government’s Syrian refugee policy, and Pamela Geller, the New York-based activist whose star rose with her successful campaign against the so-called Ground Zero Mosque."

"Hybrid Wars and “Color Revolutions” in the Central Asian Heartland: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan: Part 3" by Andrew Korybko.  The US State Department is a very busy place.

"The Nagorno-Karabakh Story the US Does Not Want You to Know"

"Second Russian intelligence report on Turkey’s current assistance to Daesh"

A heavy cost for Europeans when their Eurotrash 'leaders' acquiesce to American neocon warmongering:  "The EU’s “suicide by reality denial”"

"Kiev Junta is Preparing to Shoot Down Planes Over Crimea"  But it is inconceivable that these same people might have had anything to do with MH-17.

Shell companies for good:  "Panama Papers: How the Seychelles saved Syria"

Friendly fire or fragging?:  "CIA’s Putin Smear Becomes Banana Skin for Cameron".  Of course, if any politician with a similar shell company issue gets out of line, they can expect a similar 'leak'.

F-i-n-a-l-l-y:"  "1st delivery of Russian S-300 air defense system arrives in Iran - Iranian FM"

"Israel's Friends Against the First Amendment"
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