Monday, April 25, 2016

The Human Rights Industrial Complex

"The Stories We Tell About Killing"  "Economy of Force: A Reply"  Injuns, schools or death, counter-insurgency, liberals . . . .  The US is custom-made to fall for tricks like the global war on terror and 'humanitarian intervention'.

"Zionism: Imperialism in the Age of Counter-revolution"  Zio-American counter-insurgency in Europe.

"Merkel, Obama and the death of Greece":
"Both the Greek and the Syrian catastrophe processes have a fundamental, historical importance, much wider than the importance of Greece or Syria themselves. Because both are used to destroy “Europe”. By this term we mean the overall situation, the “regime” that has prevailed in the western part of the continent since 1945, a regime characterized by a relatively democratic atmosphere and by a generalized welfare state. Such a state has indeed existed in both the “socialist” and “capitalist” parts of the continent after the 2nd World War and it represented a relative, still one of the most important historical achievements of humans and their civilization.
Many people criticize this regime as pseudo-democratic and oligarchic or for many other of its aspects. They are probably right, but that does not mean that this regime cannot be replaced by a much worse one. The Soviet Union for instance was an absolutely unacceptable structure. But the replacement of a supposedly “proletarian” dictatorship by a regime of bureaucratic-oligarchic, “cleptocratic” and sometimes clearly Mafiosi “democracy”, in 1991, (also under the supervision of the IMF) hardly can be considered as any progress. Neither the disappearance of USSR as a counterbalance to the US monopoly of world power.
By the way, the destruction of the post-War Europe, as we defined it above, is the necessary precondition for launching the new “wars of civilizations”, including the generalized war with Islam, with Russia, tomorrow with China. And vice-versa.
President Obama seems to understand what is going on in the Middle East. He was able somehow to contain the neoliberal folly unfolding there. He had even the courage to make a tactical alliance with Putin to achieve the goal of stabilizing the situation and stop the war plans against Iran, which could potentially trigger the first nuclear conflict after 1945.
But in the Middle East, Obama could mobilize a quite logical argument. After all many people, even inside the US military, the secret services and the establishment, were understanding that the wars in the Middle East after 2001 hardly are in the national interest of the United States.
With economic policy and “debt wars” things are more difficult, as the invested interests are enormous, there are huge bureaucracies, including EU and ECB, working as “disaster capitalism” agents, under the principles of Washington consensus and the neoliberal ideology. You have to be a person with the historical understanding of Helmut Schmitt or the poetic genius of Gunder Grass to understand where all this will lead. You have to study Faust, if you want to understand the mechanism by which Berlin leaders, in alliance with the international Finance, are acting to destroy Greece, Europe and, finally, Germany itself."

"Identity Politics, Racism and Confusion".  On the trickery in the attacks against Atzmon.

"Rwanda Genocide - The Israeli Connection" (Atzmon).  For such a tiny place, Israeli is remarkably over-represented in assisting the bad guys in every really awful thing that happens in the world.

"Judea Declares War Against Malia Bouattia" (Atzmon).  "Students threaten to split from NUS over new president"  "“Frivolous” lawsuit aims to reverse ASA’s Israel boycott"

"The Android Administration:  Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House, in Two Charts"

"One more scandal in the European Parliament"

"Venezuela’s Supreme Court Strikes a Blow to the Impunity of Liberal Terror"  "Venezuela’s Opposition: Attacking Its Own People"

"AN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex"  "“The Non-Profit Industrial Complex”, and the Co-opting of the NGO Environmental Movement"  "Playing the "Circassian card" once again"  "Warning Signs: A Contrived Macedonian Revolution on Tap"
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