Monday, April 11, 2016

WWIII Begins

"Lies of the Beholder: Biden Congratulates Ukraine for “Success” as Prime Minister Resigns Over “Artificially Created” Crisis".  Trouble in paradise.  It appears that the Panama stunt enraged Poroshenko, who saw it, probably correctly, as an attack on him by World Jewry.  Remember that the 'hypothetical Jew' Yats was Nudelman-Kagan's chosen operative.  The overwhelming results of the Dutch referendum - which none of the Euro-trash politicians intends to pay the slightest attention to, and why should they without the moral discipline of first past the post? - didn't help Yat's rapidly waning position.

"Is this the beginning of the end for Gen. Sisi? The regime is experiencing his "We all are Khalid Said" moment"  "Egypt to give Saudi Arabia two Red Sea islands"  This looks like a gift to the Saudis but is actually a gift to Israel, as it legitimizes Israel's occupation of the islands, done through the American-controlled Multinational Force Observers, which Israel uses to prevent blockage of the connection from the Gulf of Aqaba to the Red Sea.  This is thus a massive Egyptian strategic concession, the kind of 'minor detail' that will come back to haunt Egypt one day.  The bribes from World Jewry to Sisi must have been equally massive.

"Boston Globe Anti-Trump Scaremongering: He Would Continue Obama Policies"  If they had done one of these for Hillary - and, of course, they wouldn't - the above-the-fold headline would have been "WWIII Begins!".  Under it would have been a picture of a laughing Hillary shaking the hand of a grinning Bibi.  "Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?"

"Obama Cites Lack of `Day After' Plan in Libya as Biggest Mistake"  Of course Yinon means the lack of a plan is the plan.

"Abortion & White Nationalism"  Ethnic cleansing.

"28 Pages"  "Pelosi Calls for Declassification of Redacted Portions of 9/11 Joint Inquiry Report"  The hint is that the 28 pages contain the evidence that the Saudis did 9/11 - utterly untrue, as we all know it was an American government inside job - and these 28 pages come up whenever the Americans want some sort of diplomatic concession from the Saudi government.

"Panama Papers Mossack Fonseca Tally":  "Released to date: .00173%".  Appropriately starts with funding totals by the various criminal organizations supporting the hilariously monikered 'Center for Public Integrity'.
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