Thursday, May 05, 2016

Any sufficiently advanced technology

"Hitler the Ultra Zionist!" by Gilad Atzmon.

Not just walking it back, but suggesting that blaming the Jews for a Blairite attack on Corbyn is somehow anti-Semitism!!!:  "How UK Labour moderates played the Jewish card, and why they used us to do it"

Note the extreme weakness of the counterattack:  "Prominent scholars blast theory tracing Ashkenazi Jews to Turkey".  Also note in particular the lie in the title - the Khazars aren't from Turkey, they are from southern Russia.  They are European 'whites', actual 'caucasians' (which is presumably why Dr. Duke is so much against the thesis). 

"Why That Actually Could Be Rafael Cruz With Lee Harvey Oswald".    They try to turn this into a joke but it is not.

"What We REALLY Know About the 9/11 Defendants"

"Why the US Will Not Sign the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea"

"Beyond Schadenfreude, the Spectacular Pundit Failure on Trump Is Worth Remembering"  It is not that they were mistaken - they were trying to use their political position as 'respected journalists' to influence the race.  It's worked for Hillary, and the only reason it didn't work against Trump is that there was significantly less vote fraud in the Republican contests.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic propaganda:  "Anne Frank's story to be told in VR".

"About Bias and Propaganda on Syria" "Russia: US Tried to Include al-Qaeda Territory in Aleppo Ceasefire"

"The Left: Business Accommodation and Social Debacle" by James Petras.

Gaia as ironist: "An Out-of-Control Wildfire Has Forced an Entire City in Canada to Evacuate":  ". . . the single largest oil deposit in the world." 

Already happening as the Yinonites used the Syrian drought to cause the war/refugee crisis:  "Will Climate Change make the Mideast Uninhabitable & trigger mass exodus?"

Tweet (Jennifer Rubin):
"Ron Paul as secretary of state #thingstoworryabout"

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