Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Co-opting time

"Is Adelson Co-Opting Trump… Or Is Trump Co-Opting Adelson?"  "Breitbart, ‘Renegade Jews,’ And The Anti-Semitic Wing Of The Trump Movement"  "Jew Kristol Responds to Jew Horowitz’ Claim He’s a “Renegade Jew”"

"Kirk Fundraiser Hosted By Activist Who Compared Obama To False Messiah"  Details of the sausage-making.

"Canada’s Saudi Arms Sales: “Don’t Be a Sucker!”"  Shockingly few jobs are involved, particularly as the production lines would presumably find something else to do, but no doubt not as lucrative.  There is also a serious moral principle involved here, to be against whatever Conrad Black is for.

More details on the background to the coup in Brazil:  "The Feel of Bespoke Suits".

Makes perfect sense if your sole goal is to break a country up into statelets which would be no threat to Israel (also the only possible explanation for American policy in Syria):  "International Policy On Libya: Arm *Someone* And Hope For The Best"

"The forgotten coup in Australia"
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