Sunday, May 01, 2016


Rare climate for historical accuracy:  "Zionism and the Third Reich" and, apart from the obvious made-up nonsense about the Grand Mufti,  "Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the Jews".  Israel really should put Adolf on all its stamps and currency.

"How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis"  Meticulous, but note how it is ruined by the gratuitous drive-by slurring of Atzmon, with the implication that Atzmon is working as an agent of Big Jew, ironically the same sarcastic claim made by Yair Rosenberg about Ken Livingstone.

PEN, Ultra-Zionist stooge:  "PEN urges boycott of Azerbaijan over political prisoners while it blocks boycott of Israel".  Note how Big Jew arranges to get its operatives in place everywhere, and thus wrecks everything.

This could be the game changer, if true:  "“Syrian, Iraqi armies launch joint campaign to defeat ISIS: analysis” - TTG".  Is this also part of a bigger plan?:  "A Protest That Signals the Demise of Iraq’s Political System".

"America to the Rescue of Al Qaeda in Syria: Washington Opposes Placing Saudi, Turkish ‘Proxies’ on UN Terror List".  GWOT?  Ha!  "Syria: The Real US-NATO Creators of Hell in Aleppo"

"The CIA’s Plan B for Syria: Supporting Al Qaeda ["Moderate Terrorists"], Repeating the Mistake of Afghanistan"  Plan B is Modified Yinon.

"The Observer Calls on the Benign Empire to Fix Syria"

I'm thinking there is only one obvious choice for the face of the American $20 bill, the greatest American military leader since, well, ever, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  The street term for a twenty will be a 'dadi'.

"Invasion and the Wrecking of Libya"  Obvious obviousness is obvious, predictable consequences were predicted.  Europeans should take to heart the disappointing fact that improper lying analysis, calling a War For The Jews 'humanitarian intervention' or a 'war for oil', leads directly to very tragic consequences.  Fixing a problem caused by a War For The Jews with yet another War For The Jews will just bring more tragedy.

"President Obama: The Race for the Imperial Legacy"

"Trump Sued By Teen ‘Sex Slave’ For Alleged ‘Rape’ — Donald Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Suit".  From 2004:  "Radar Magazine Lines Up Financing" (sounds Mossad to me):
"Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the owner of The Daily News, and Jeffrey Epstein, a Wall Street financier, yesterday agreed to finance Radar, a celebrity and pop culture magazine that published two test issues last year.
Two executives involved in the negotiations said the backers, who were part of an unsuccessful bid for New York magazine last year, are committed to spending up to $25 million to back Radar and Maer Roshan, its editor in chief and founder."
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