Saturday, May 14, 2016


"Democrats, Too Clever by Half on Clinton"

"Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known"  "Bill’s secret ‘mistress,’ the ‘Energizer’"  "Did The Clinton Foundation Give $2 Million To Bill's "Energizer" Mistress?"

"Hedge Fund Billionaire Spends $13 Million Supporing Ted Cruz, Then Immediately Flips To Hillary Clinton".  "Early life and education".  "Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons".  Drooling in anticipation of many, many, many more Wars For The Jews:  "Is There a Hillary Doctrine?"

"Another US-Sponsored Coup? Brazil's New President Was An Embassy Informant For US Intelligence"  "WikiLeaks Exposes Newly “Selected” Brazilian President as Puppet for US Intelligence"  "Venezuela's Maduro: Rousseff Impeachment Trial 'Made in the USA'"

"Is There Any Backbone Left in the EU in the Face of Erdogan’s Blackmail?"

"Top Hizbullah Commander in Syria killed in Explosion" Probably Israeli targeted assassination by an illegal air strike on Syria.

"UK Labour member suspended for blog claiming Jews commit ‘genocide’ on British"

On the planned wrecking of Canada: "Andrew Potter: Our democratic reform minister doesn’t understand our democracy":
"As an account of the incentives that arise out of FPTP, it is exactly wrong. In fact, is systems of proportional representation (PR) that tend to give rise to issue-specific parties that target a narrow base of Canadians. That is why niche-issue parties like the Greens are so keen on moving to PR. Furthermore, if it is the building of a “consensus” you want, again you aren’t going to get it from PR. As narrowcast parties proliferate, the resulting parliament will be a beggar’s banquet of horse-trading, log-rolling, and gutter brinkmanship, with voters left looking on in anguish and impotence.
In contrast, the logic of FPTP inevitably leads to the creation of “big tent” parties that have comprehensive platforms designed to appeal to wide swaths of the country. And as the McGill law professor Daniel Weinstock argues in a new paper, this means that parties under FPTP tend to be excellent forums for deliberation and national consensus-building, as all the single-issue constituencies come to the table to get a hearing inside the tent.
In short, the virtues that Monsef wants to see in Canadian politics are pretty much already fulfilled by the current electoral system. Instead of wasting its time trying to find a new electoral system, her special committee would do well to figure out ways of helping Canadians understand the one we have."
"U.S., Britain, France block Russia bid to blacklist Syria rebels":
"So, here it is. Yet, there is one detail here that is missing and that is a very important one. As a real ME scholar (who would eat for breakfast any "expert" from Brookings or any other pseudo-think-tank) Evgeniy Satanovsky points out, all this relative terrorist calm in the US is mostly due to...well, I'll quote:
"Причина отсутствия резонансных терактов в США – негласный договор между Саудовской Аравией и Катаром, основными спонсорами джихадизма. Штаты решено не трогать, чтобы не рисковать повторением афганского и иракского сценариев ”
The reason for the absence of resonance terrorist acts in the USA is a mute agreement between Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are the main sponsors of jihadism. It is decided to not touch the US in order to avoid the risk of repeating Afghan or Iraq scenarios. (c)"
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