Sunday, May 22, 2016

Effective altruism

The uplifting and inspiring story of two Canadians who work tirelessly to ensure the 0.1% pay the taxes they legally owe (ha, ha, ha!):  "Panama Papers anti-enablers: Two Canadians say they’re in the files for the right reason".

"Genetically modified salmon approved for consumption in Canada".  They are not labeling it, so all Canadians have to boycott all Canadian salmon until they put the requisite skull and crossbones on the poisonous shit.

"Ethics and the Eye of the Beholder"  ("Response to the Allegations by Fernanda Lopez Aguilar"):
"It has been a busy spring for Pogge. In late April, he spoke at the London School of Economics’ Africa Summit. On May 19, he talked about “effective altruism” at the University of Hong Kong, which advertised Pogge as “one of the most prominent figures in the contemporary academic debate on global justice.” In June, he’ll teach a master class at the University of Queensland in Australia, which called him “an exemplar of the best type of engaged political philosopher who tackles global problems and practices philosophically and practically.”"
It is supposed to be shocking that such an 'exemplar' would be skeevy, but, as we've seen throughout lefty trendy political philosophy (e.g., 'responsibility to protect'), these people are literally the worst monsters that mankind has produced. I'm not shocked at all.   A self-identified “thought leader”?  Who gives Ted Talks?  Run, run, run for your lives!

The Big Jew/Blairite attack on Corbyn is starting to eat its own:  "Rod Liddle and the Campaign Against Antisemitism".  Ideally, this kind of evil stunt should end with more and more people taking more and more deserved pride in their skepticism, as we obviously need a lot more skepticism.

Wars For The Jews:  "The US War Machine’s Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American a $1 Million Home".

"Thoughts on The Intercept’s new Leak Policy" and its comments.

"Brazil Coup Regime Moves to Change Definition of Slavery":
"Brazil’s new unelected government is looking to introduce new measures that would “soften the definition of slavery” in the country in what is being seen as a roll-back of many of the reforms introduced by the leftist government of President Dilma Rousseff.
The new measures will be introduced by the newly appointed Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi and are expected to worsen conditions for vulnerable workers in farming and food processing, according to a report by The Guardian Friday.
Maggi, one of the richest men in Brazil who owns the world’s largest Soya company, has proposed legislation that would separate “degrading conditions” and “exhausting shifts” from the definition of slavery, the newspaper reported, citing public record documents available online."
"The Guardian also reported that the controversial billionaire and his lobby group have also been seeking to reverse measures introduced by Rousseff that acknowledged several quilombolos (territories inhabited by the descendants of runaway slaves), created 56 million hectares of conservation land and recognized Indigenous claims on other areas."
"Famed feminist British historian refuses prestigious Israeli award". We've been told by so many immoral low-life graspers that it is wrong to pass up the shekels (something about 'fee free speech'!). There is no such thing as a 'prestigious' Israeli award.  There should be a truly prestigious award given to people so moral they turn down Judas blood-money shekels.

"I watched Hillary Clinton’s forces swipe Nevada: This is what the media’s not telling you":
"At 9:30, a full half hour before registration closed, Lange read the results of ballots that had been passed out to early arriving conventioneers regarding temporary rules for the convention, rules which would discount the results of the county convention (the second tier of the caucus process, where Bernie had won more delegates), rules which would require that all votes at the convention be decided by voice alone, and which ruled that the decision of the chairperson would be final. These temporary rules had passed with flying colors, which did not sit well with the Bernie delegates, many of whom had not been given ballots. Suddenly half the people of the room were on their feet, shouting “No!!!!” My son and I jumped to our feet as well, added our voices to the chorus. It felt good, all those voices of resistance vibrating through my body. I started to feel less like a cloud. I felt myself drop back into my body, surrounded by all these bodies yelling “No!”, feeling alive inside my skin.
Then people began to chant “Recount” and my son and I joined this call, too, throats aching, adrenaline coursing. Lange took the temporary rules to a voice vote. A hearty round of “Aye”s rose up from the Hillary side of the room, but when it was time for the “Nay” vote, the response was so loud, I felt it shake my every cell, felt it alter my heartbeat. The room was explosive with “Nay”s, roaring with it, and yet Lange decided in favor of the “Aye”s, which only set off more yelling."

"These 3 people just tore apart the Democratic Party".  Amazing.  With absolutely everything slanted in their favor, they still can't stop cheating.

"KING: Here’s why I’m leaving the Democratic Party after this presidential election and you should too":
"Did you know that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was a co-chair of Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign against Obama, and is now the chair of the DNC, earlier this year did away with all of the restrictions on lobbyists that President Obama put in place?"

"The Clinton-Colombia Connection".  Lots of unsavory details.  Frank Guistra.

Clintonista scorched-earth policies: "Liberal Think Tank Fires Blogger for Rude Tweets".

"Jewish Daily Forward Addresses Legal Implications of the Organized Jew War Against Trump"  Their actions threaten their tax status.  Trump holds long grudges, so this could be important if he wins.

Naming the name:  "PM Orbán Accuses George Soros Of Masterminding American Left’s Pro-Migration Stance".

"US Downplays a New Syrian Massacre"  The State Department spokesman grew flustered as it is simply impossible for an American official to find an American national interest in Yinonization.

"Syria: “Left-Wing” Charlatans as Harbingers of Terrorism".

The magical bootstraps of the new emirate:  "Al Qaeda Goes to Syria: How to Build an Emirate Overnight"

"Crisis in Brazil"  A country, decimated by proportional representation, which could be saved by first-past-the-post voting.  Soon, Canada will be like Brazil.
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