Wednesday, May 11, 2016

False-flag 'journalism'

"Visualizing the Most Miserable Countries in the World"  You'll note the BRICS in the list, and the common feature, except, perhaps, for Jamaica,  of obviously being victims of Zio-American scheming.  The list will no doubt have to be retracted as Palestine is described as a country, which is the equivalent of making all Jews into lampshades.

"The New Normal: Cold War 2.0" (Escobar).

Rhodes, the concentration camp guard, and Samuels are all blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionists, but the squabbling amongst the Jewish billionaires that let the Iran deal sort of slip through has led to trouble in paradise.  "Ben Rhodes Needs Some Fresh Air" and the hilarious "Ben Rhodes and the 'Retailing' of the Iran Deal".  The only reason that the world isn't even more fucked is that the Jews can't agree on how to manipulate us, with the problem with Rhodes being that he was just a little too honest about the manipulation.  Also:  "Washington establishment still reeling from Ben Rhodes profile " and "10 Problems With That New York Times Magazine Profile of White House Aide Ben Rhodes" and even ""State Dept.: Clinton IT aide's email archive is lost" The Hill".  Bunch of Jews arguing about the minutiae of gentile wrangling.

Speaking of gentile wrangling, the Master speaks:  "American Power Under Challenge" and "The Costs of Violence".  It is always amazing to see all the effort that is put into constricting a narrative to shield the guilty.  Comment by James N. Kennett.

"Did Pakistan poison a senior CIA official?"  Note how appropriate and just poisoning would have been:  "CIA organised fake vaccination drive to get Osama bin Laden's family DNA".

"Chilcot Inquiry Publication Delayed to “Avoid Embarrassing Tony Blair”" To avoid ruining Tony as an anti-Brexit spokesmodel.

"Syria: Iran Admits “Heavy Casualties”"  "How the media of Saudi princes work: the story of Iranian losses in Syria"  Iran is taking the de-terrorizing of Aleppo very seriously as a keystone in defeating Zio-American scheming.

"The Battle of Aleppo and Western Humanitarianism – Playing at a Corporate Media Near You".  It's false-flag 'journalism' - attributing atrocities committed by terrorists supported by the Zio-Americans to the only groups actually fighting terrorism, the Syrian government and its allies.

"The Altai-Xinjiang Water Pipeline, Color Revolutions, and Water Wars" (Korybko).

"Mohamed Bin Salman: The accidental Saudi “King”" "Saudi Arabia Is Suddenly Facing a Serious Catastrophe — Here’s Why"

"Turkey, At Energy Crossroads, Sliding Towards Authoritarianism"  "The Erdogan family business"  "What Next for Turkey After Erdogan Power Play? "

"Trump v. Disastrous US Triumphalism in Foreign Policy"  "The Donald's Foreign Policy"

"Trump: U.S. will never default 'because you print the money'"  "‘Just Print Dollars’ – Donald Trump Wants America to be Zimbabwe" by Louise Mensch.  (see "Louise Mensch adds yet another Twitter gaffe to her list" - note her own searches!).  Trump is correct, of course.

Nervous Clintonistas:  "Childe Donald to the Dark Tower Came: The “Crooked Clinton” Meme" and "Police report reflects the ugliness of the Trump era" and "Donald Trump and the Authoritarian Temptation"
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