Thursday, May 12, 2016


"Hillary Clinton, the Conveniently Negligent Queen":
"Case…closed? Not really. Seen from Europe and Asia, all these technicalities, the whole legalese web, do not even begin to breach the real story; how the State Department under Hillary Clinton was fully in the loop of the CIA running a rat line of smuggled weapons through Benghazi (so conveniently close to the US consulate), out of Libya and across Turkey straight to “moderate rebels” of the al-Qaeda-linked jihadi variety operating in to-be-regime-changed Syria. This, the real story, complete with bold elements of war crime, destruction of international law and flagrant abuse of power, has simply vanished. Just like those Hillary Clinton emails the State Department is “unable to locate”."
"Seymour Hersh Says He Doesn’t Know Whether Hillary Clinton Knew About the Sarin"  Hersh is right to be pissed, and I am putting Zuesse on my never read list.  This kind of obvious misinterpretation does not help the cause of seeking truth.

"Nuclear whistleblower faces fresh charges, 30 years on"  Every once in a while a reminder of how stupid we were to let the insane supremacist Jews have nukes.

"Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Immigration Records Reveal FBI Bombshell"

"‘Either Assad or we’ll burn the country’ – An excerpt from ‘Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War’".  I used to wonder whether the Saudis sponsored Mondoweiss, but I wonder no more.  Most comments aren't fooled by this Wahhabist crap.

"An American expert on terrorism advises Syrian rebels to keep their relationship with Al-Qa`idah at the covert level"  Using Twitter to send secret messages!

We consistently give the Jews what is essentially monopoly control over media and entertainment, and then assume, in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, that they won't misuse their power for their violent racist supremacist ends:  "Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel"

"Stranger than fiction: How to keep an antiwar movement down"

For future reference:  "Leaked Memo: Jordan’s King Reveals UK SAS Forces On The Ground In Syria, Israel Supports Nusra"

"Turkey Demands €3 Billion for Refugees, EU Says No"

"Dieudonné barred from entering Canada, returns to France"  When you live in a dictatorship, it is useful to know who dictates.

"Israel Independence Day Evokes Nazi-Era Slogan"

The Rhodes piece as a Zionist anti-Iran trick:  "Still at War with Iran-Nuke Deal"

Investigative journalism:  "America First Has Jews Feeling the Heat and Scheming for Your Shekels".  In the comments there is a reference to Kars-4-Kids.
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