Monday, May 16, 2016

I'd like to teach the 0.0001% to sing

"Were the Koch Brothers Behind the Impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff" "Dilma Rousseff Calls for Mobilizations to Overturn Coup".  Shutting the Olympics down completely just might get the attention of the 0.001%.

"Panama Papers: Should the Corporate Media Have Been Trusted?"

There is an elaborate coup going on in Venezuela which involves the 0.001% shutting down the economy:  "Venezuela's president says owners of idle factories risk jail time".  The state needs to permanently seize all non-productive assets.  The plutocrats will invest in creating the conditions for a coup in order to make their profits back on post-coup exploitation, but they can't make those profits if you seize their capital.

Note how this shekel-grasping fucker spins this into some kind of free speech thing while he actually is discouraging free speech (the second rule of Shekel Club is that you stand up for other members of Shekel Club).  Tweet (
".@POTUS Obama called out #Rutgers student for protesting Condoleezza Rice as graduation speaker in 2014"

They didn't prevent her from speaking, they embarrassed her into withdrawing by stating the simple facts of what a monster she is.

"Democracy Now Outed As Turkish/ Israeli Black Propaganda Site"

"Nakba Nullification".  Revisionism and denial.

"Wait! What? Trump Only Makes $500k a Year?"  Historians will call this the 'None of the above' Presidential election.

Trolling for shekels is not elegant:  "Bill Clinton: When Iraq Attacks Israel, “I’ll Get Down in the Trenches and Die”"  You have to wonder if the material gathered by Epstein, material which could put Bill in jail, is being used by Hillary against Bill.

A story that is about two decades late, as if they discovered it wedged between a desk and a wall where it had fallen, unnoticed, in 2003:  "From belief to resentment in Indiana"

Identity politics used as a trick to protect capitalism:  "Burying the White Working Class":
 "After decades of being told white workers would never support socialism because they’re racist, we’re now told that they support the socialist candidate because they are racist. Yes, this is where liberals are in the year 2016."

"IMO, there are not enough troops..."  The de-terrorization process in Syria is stalling again under the weight of the renewed enthusiasm of the Yinonizers.

Barry's on a sprint to build that 'legacy':  "Escalations in a New Cold War".  We have to see this, the obvious attacks on the BRICS and progressive governments, and the revitalization of neocon Yinonization in Syria, as part of a whole.

Tweet (raymond delauney) (scroll down for the similar assassination plot against Truman and George Galloway as Father Jack!):
"Our Zionist chums plotted to murder Churchill as he fought Hitler @georgegalloway #Palestine …"
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