Sunday, May 29, 2016


"Mindanao, Duterte, and the Real History of the Philippines"  Really good background on how the United States became the biggest asshole nation in the world.  Americans really don't like to hear the truth.

"Obama in Hiroshima: A Case Study in Hypocrisy"

"The New State Department Report on Hillary’s Email, and Why it Matters"

"HIV/AIDS activists upset with Sanders after meeting". The Clinton campaign in a nutshell, with the 0.1% buying off identity politics advocacy groups to promote polices against the interests of the people supposedly represented by the groups.

"The New York Times’s (and Clinton Campaign’s) Abject Cowardice on Israel".  Land theft through scare quotes.

"Chomsky: Today's GOP is a Candidate for Most Dangerous Organization in Human History—Part 2"  Noam, of course, supports Yinon in Syria.  He also picks an interesting time, when there are signs the Republicans are moving to isolationism, to lay in on the Republicans.  Related:  "New York Times Joins the “Literally Hitler” Wing of the Anti-Trump Movement".

"Max Boot’s perfect propaganda on murdering medic– and why Jeffrey Goldberg can’t do the same".  But I always thought that Boot was also trying to pass as an American. Related:  "Always Remember the 6,000,053".

"The US assassination of a Taliban leader" (the use of drones in drafting diplomatic treaties):
"From a comrade who wishes to remain anonymous: "I found the assassination of the Taliban leader to be a particular troubling though perfectly predictable development. Ostensibly, it was not carried out because the Taliban are a threat to the US, but because he was opposed to the peace process as it exists. Specifically, the Taliban are opposed to continued presence of the US in Afghanistan. So in effect the US is shaping peace negotiations through drone assassinations. Fair enough, and standard super power politics. But this is what drone assassinations are evolving into: an instrument shaping policy rather than the other way round. ""

"Labour Reinstate Race Row Corbynista"  Corbyn is starting to take back his party from foreign control.

"BREXIT Would Assist Designation of Israel Lobbyists as ‘Foreign Agents’" BREXIT would be a huge deal for true progressive politics around the world.

"Blair, not Corbyn, was Dangerous Experiment"

I'm starting to think that utter shamelessness is the only necessary requirement for becoming an American president:  "In Hiroshima Obama Calls for World Without Nukes, Contradicting New $1 Trillion Weapon Upgrade Plan". This particular trillion is the trillion that slipped on by, almost as unnoticed as the trillions spent on Zionism.

Border control.  "'Disaster in the Making': The Many Failures of the EU-Turkey Refugee Deal"  "Al Ahdab: Groceries for the Homesick":
"On a recent sunny afternoon at the tiny Al Ahdab market, a wedge of light slashed through the front windows illuminating posters for condensed milk in Arabic script and one of an energy drink called Hell. The shop is easy to miss, tucked under the slope of Sarı Musa Sokak, which dips quickly from Millet Caddesi – the arterial avenue home to Istanbul’s Little Syria. By the front door was a rack of Cow Brand ghee, in large tin cans stacked like motor oil at a gas station.
Entering the shop we were met with a complex layer of scents. By the drawers along the wall a fragrant cloud of spice hung – cumin, coriander, cinnamon. Open tubs of pepper paste gave off their signature acrid smell, trumped only by the bright scent of square chunks of olive soap. The shop, the size of a large bedroom, is divided by two aisles down the middle and every upright surface is fixed with shelves sagging with goods – most of them brought into Turkey from Syria “duty free.”
“It’s been really tough. Our business has taken a big hit,” Jihad told us. “We haven’t been able to smuggle anything in the past six months.” Due to security concerns about the flow of foreign fighters and weapons in and out of Syria, the 500-mile border Turkey shares with its neighbor to the south has been sealed shut at every entry point, blocking people and anything they could be carrying with them. “What we have in storage is all we have left of anything that needs to be brought in from Syria,” Jihad said."

Tweet (Ninja Economics) (it's hard to pick a side in a war of dicks):
"It will mean editors who post videos of girls getting raped in bathroom stalls won't be able to find work."
Tweet (Shoq):
"I'd rather drink a crushed-glass smoothie than agree with him, but this is one of those times when I must."
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