Friday, May 20, 2016


"Ontario parliament rejects anti-BDS law"  "Private member’s bill over boycott of Israel defeated by MPPs"  Hudak is a piece of shit who would slit your throat in the middle of the night, but you'll be able to hear him coming with all the jingling shekels in his pocket.  This stealth Zio-fascism was a bit of Big Jew overreach.  Note that this is going to lead to a propaganda campaign carefully explaining to us why we shouldn't be mad at the people who pay to promote Zio-Fascism.

I'll just put this here:  "Ben Shapiro is Simply Shocked No One Cares About Anti-Semitic Trump Supporters":
"So then, to just say “Trump supporters are mad because Jews destroyed the economy and sent them to fight in wars for Israel” is not an argument against anti-Semitism – it is an argument for anti-Semitism."
"Ann Coulter OK with Jews who don’t “overwhelm our culture”"

"Nuland’s Visit to Moscow: Has the US Arch Neocon Lost Her Bearings?"

"Israeli Defense Minister Defends IDF Deputy Who Likened Trends in Israeli Society to 1930s Germany" "Israeli minister resigns after row with Netanyahu"

"Another source of Bibi's campaign funds?"

"Israel delivers demolition notices for EU-funded water tanks in Hebron"

"The heroism of US marines in Vietnam: As covered by Morley Safer "

"Syria - After Detours U.S. Finally Agrees To Russian Ceasefire Plan" On one of Barry's shoulders sits the giant devil of Big Jew, and on the other sits the little conflicted angel of John Kerry.

The Saudis are so bad that Qatar tends to get a free ride:  "Kooky Qatar — More dough than you can sheikh a stick at, Part 1 of 2".  Ignore the unnecessary pipeline discussion.

"Qatari regime and Saudi regime are battling it out in Ghutah to the benefit of the Syrian regime".  There have been sporadic reports that the various groups of 'moderates' aren't getting along, presumably differing on which human organs they prefer to eat.

"Is Trudeau Canadian enough?"  Trudeau fell for a Mulcair stunt.

The wall and the mass deportations were to get Trump's foot in the door as a viable candidate, but now that the door has been blown wide open . . . :  "Trump Surrogate Says Wall Will Be Virtual".

"Trump Protection" If Big Jew doesn't try to kill him, it will be because he has told then he is lying when he muses about isolationism.

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