Saturday, May 07, 2016


"America's Outrageous Ultimatum: Syria as the Libya of the Levant"  Barry really needs those unemployment shekels so he will keep pushing for Yinonization.

"After the Recent Battles in Syria and Iraq, How Close Is Isis to Losing the War?"  The comments should be deeply embarrassing to Cockburn.

"US Foreign Policy calls Palmyra concert "Putin's propaganda"".  It certainly was, and spectacularly successful at embarrassing the Americans for their pretend war on ISIS.

"When Liberals Run Out of Patience: the Impolite Exile of Seymour Hersh"

"New Insights into Bin Laden Operation" This takes the facts of the Hersh story as a given.

"The ontology of Osama bin Laden" (2009)

"Labour is One Step Away from Book-burning"  Corbyn has been consistently deplorable.

The Rothschild Manifesto:  "“John Doe’s Manifesto”: Panama Papers Source Blasts Lack of Media Interest, Calls for Prosecutions, Whistleblower Protection"  Note the slurring of WikiLeaks and the call for a legal attack on the Rothschild competition.

"Philip Green, Jewish Criminality, and the Cost of Economic Parasitism, Part 1: The Wider Context of Jewish White Collar Crime"  People really need to ponder the remarkable consistency in the criminality:
"The general features of this profile may be said to involve a marked disposition towards membership of the “super rich,” extravagant use of the “Ponzi” or “pyramid scheme” model, tactical use of bankruptcy, disproportionate use of credit as capital, tax evasion, bank or insurance fraud, fraudulent claims on public money, the use of multiple business names to obscure individual culpability, the exploitation of legal loopholes, the laundering of money via Jewish organizations, the use of Israel as a haven from prosecution, and a complex interplay between Jewish business and Jewish communal and national politics — often involving the formation of alliances with elite politicians. Typically, this latter factor results in the total avoidance of prosecution, or very lenient criminal sentences including early release from prison."
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