Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some sad kid

"This Silicon Valley Billionaire Has Been Secretly Funding Hulk Hogan's Lawsuits Against Gawker".  Peter Thiel.  "Is Donald Trump’s Hair a $60,000 Weave? A Gawker Investigation"

"Where Did the Bernie Sanders Movement Come From? The Internet."  "“We’ve Never Been Weaker and Never More Hated”":
"Professor Grumke complained about the Internet:
"It has changed everything. It means you can today sit in a remote village in the Alps, and be on your computer and feel part of the great movement. Thirty years ago, you would just sit in your little village in the Alps and be completely isolated. Today, you communicate on which is really the mother of all racist websites, and you feel fantastic. In your village you are nobody, but here, with the tip of your finger you are part of this “great movement.” And that energizes so many people. I mean here in the US you have these people who live in the basement of their mom’s house, and run this great, you know, “Aryan revolution.” A couple years ago you would just be some sad kid in the basement of his mom’s house."
The audience laughed happily at this caricature."

"The Effort to Impeach Rousseff Is Meant to Stop a Massive Corruption Probe, Tapes Suggest".  Confirming what everybody knows.  Romero Jucá failed to follow the first rule of Coup Club.

 "When Jeremy Corbyn Supported a Democratic, Secular State & Breaking Links with Poale Zion (JLM)".  Though the JewBlair attack on Labour didn't hurt Labour politically, it forced Corbyn to the right.

"The Significance of the Battle for Aleppo":
"The US is willing to do anything it takes to prevent Bashar al-Assad’s government from gaining strength. If the government troops achieve military success in the Aleppo region, about 90% of Syrian territory would then be under the control of the legitimate government. And that is not part of the West’s plan. Therefore, John Kerry is threatening to set an August 2016 deadline for Russia to help form a «transitional government» in Syria, claiming that otherwise shipments of American weapons will begin flowing to the «moderate opposition». We know very well what an American-style «transition period» looks like – we saw it in Iraq and Libya. That period began in Iraq after the American occupation in 2003 and it continues to this day, accompanied by constant explosions in Baghdad, chronic corruption, and a civil war in the country’s northern provinces. In Libya the «transition period» ended with the collapse of the state. And this is the future the US has in mind for Syria. The old plans haven’t changed."

"Hamza bin Laden: Could Osama's son be the future leader of al-Qaeda?"  Rita Katz and the gratuitous reference to Jerusalem unambiguously identify this as a Zionist stunt. Makes you wonder:  "Hamza bin Laden, understood to be 23 or 24 years old, was not found among the bodies after the 2011 CIA raid on the compound in Pakistan housing the world’s most-wanted terrorist."
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