Saturday, May 28, 2016

Synonymous with failure

"Dying to Forget the Israel Lobby?".  Superb review of yet another lying attempt to cloak American relations with Israel as being in American national interests rather than what it clearly is, the result of the bribery and other blandishments of Big Jew over weak American politicians.

"Toronto’s Trump Tower for sale":
"Toronto realtor David Fleming said a new owner would be wise to remove the name from the building at Bay and Adelaide Sts. as soon as possible and rebrand it.
“Donald Trump and United States politics aside, the name Trump Tower in Toronto is synonymous with failure,” he said. “We’ve been watching this debacle for the last half-decade.”"
"More Messy Meddling In Libya". Note the Yinon parallels to Syria. In each case seemingly incoherent policy is using ISIS and/or al Qaeda to break up a state believed to be a possible threat to World Jewry's plans.

"New Turkish-U.S. Quarrels About Syria" "US Special Forces in Syria"

From:  Sid For:  Hillary, thanks to World Hero Guccifer.  Guccifer doesn't claim to be a brilliant technical hacker having anywhere near the expertise of a competent government intelligence agent working on espionage.  That's why the wags are asking the US government to ask Putin for the emails that Hillary still has not turned over.  Of course, it helps that Hillary didn't use a password, so Guccifer didn't even have to use his usual guessing/social engineering!

"Hillary Clinton Criticizes Republican Rivals in Counterterrorism Speech"  "Exclusive: Hillary Clinton and Her Staff May Have Compromised Counterterrorism Ops With ‘Sloppy’ Communications"

"The Big Short: Film and Book"  'Hollywood' can't resist these tales of superior Ashkenazis getting one over on the stupid goyim, but the stories are too obviously Jewish to be honestly cast or told.

"Meet Shmuley Boteach, the Right-Wing Reality Show 'Rabbi' Hustling His Way Into the Trump Campaign" Good background.  They are actually two peas in a pod.

Hilarity of the day:  "How more far right can Carnegie Endowment for International War can go? An Israeli soldier is appointed as a Peace Fellow".

Hilarity of the day II (bonus, from the unofficial house organ of the Clinton Foundation):  "Explaining Ben Shapiro’s Messy, Ethnic-Slur-Laden Breakup With Breitbart".  First comment:  "Can I root for both sides to lose?".  Can some eighth-grade 4chaner producers of memes, led by frat boy libertarians, and cheered on in the background by 60 year old neo-Nazis, take down Big Jew?
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