Monday, May 09, 2016

The stripes of a wasp

"Philip Green, Jewish Criminality, and the Cost of Economic Parasitism, Part 2"  Spectacular opening sentence:  "Philip Green possesses an appearance so darkly befitting a caricature that one might see it, like the stripes of a wasp, as a warning from Nature itself.".  Read the whole thing, if only for self-preservation.  It is nothing short of amazing that we allow this kind of thing to go on.

"Hillary Clinton and the End of the Democratic Party".  If we could take him at his word (and I don't think we can), Trump is so far left of Hillary's politics that you would need the Hubble telescope to see from one to the other.

"On Sadiq Khan"  The usual, a real socialist who got bought on the road to power.

"Panama Papers Data Leak : King of Saudi Arabia sponsored Netanyahu’s campaign".  From a year ago:  "Did Money Seal Israeli-Saudi Alliance?".

"'Israeli annexation bombshell imminent'":
"Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia's former intelligence chief, and retired Israeli Army Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror, a former adviser to PM Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke in Washington Thursday night at a discussion arranged by The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
The two men, sitting side by side on a stage, generally impassive while the other spoke, sparred only gently over the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
"Cooperation between Arab countries and Israel in meeting threats, from wherever they come, whether Iran, is better fortified if there is peace between the Arab nations and Israel," Turki said.
Arab states, Amidror told Turki, should "cooperate with Israel instead of dictating" to it. He urged regional leaders to "think outside the box" and suggested the Arab world form an "umbrella of cooperation" with Israel."
"How the corrupt Kurdish tribal Mafias of Kurdistan government are aligned with the Israeli lobby"

"Battle for Aleppo: Washington Openly Supports Al Qaeda" I think we've reached Peak Cognitive Dissonance, and no one's head has blown up.

Ha!:  "Millions of pounds of British aid to Syria 'may have fallen into the hands of terrorist groups'"

""If it wouldn't gross you out, I would eat right out of this shovel.""

"Panama Papers: Curated list of names to be released in tax haven scandal".  'Curated'.
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